Complete list of latest Ponzi schemes in Nigeria

Complete list of latest Ponzi schemes in Nigeria

These are the latest and past Ponzi scams and shady investment products that Nigerians are putting their monies into.

What is a Ponzi scheme?
A Ponzi scheme is a scam whereby old investors are paid with proceeds of investment from old investors. Because the scheme require newer investors, it often end up collapsing leaving fresh investors with huge losses.

Many of the them are ponzi scams, pyramid schemes and cryptocurrency schemes that require its members to buy packages into a fake digital currency that has no value outside of the group.

While many have collapsed, many others are being started every day. does not support or back any Ponzi scheme and we advise our readers stay away from them.

We will continue to update the list from time to time.

NameOwnerType of SchemeStatus
MMM NigeriaSergei MavrodiPonzi schemeCollapsed/Restarted
UnknownPonzi schemeCollapsed
UnknownPonzi schemeCollapsed
NaracleKingsley SundayPonzi schemeCollapsed/Closed
Naira DonationUnknownPonzi schemeActive
ClarittaUnknownPonzi schemeCollapsed/Restarting
CitifundUnknownPonzi schemeCollapsed/Closed
SupernairaUnknownPonzi schemeActive
TrippleupUnknownPonzi schemeActive
LoopersUnknownPonzi schemeCollapsed/Restarting
TwinkasUnknownPonzi schemeCollapsing
Happy World MealUnknownPyramid schemeActive
OneCoinUnknownCryptocurrency scamCollapsing/Frozen
AfricoinUnknownCryptocurrency scamActive/Status unclear
SwisscoinWerner MarquetantCryptocurrency scamActive/Status unclear
PaytodayUnknownPyramid schemeCollapsed
My Liberty LifeUnknownPyramid schemeActive
Donation HubUnknownPonzi schemeCollapsed/Restarting
EntercryptoUnknownCryptocurrency scamCollpased/Closed
MavrocoinUnknownPonzi schemeCollapsed/Status unclear
Givers ForumUnknownPonzi schemeCollapsed/Status unclear
BitkinsUnknownPonzi schemeActive
MMM West AfricaUnknownPonzi schemeStatus unclear
NNN NigeriaUnknownPonzi schemeStatus unclear
Givers AllianceUnknownPonzi schemeLaunch in progress
Fast RecyclerUnknownPonzi schemeActive/New
EsusuUnknownPonzi schemeActive/New
GiverscornerUnknownPonzi schemeActive/New
Ultimate CyclerWest FredPonzi schemeCollapsed/Restarting
CashpipeUnknownPonzi schemeActive/New
Changing Lives OnlineUnknownPonzi schemeActive/New
Naija ATMUnknownPonzi schemeActive/New
DualfundsUnknownPonzi schemeActive/New
Pyramid PayUnknownPonzi schemeActive/New
Tine God NetworksUnknownPonzi SchemeClosed by SEC
Marian MosesMoses SamanjaPonzi SchemeClosed by SEC
Pay TitansUnknownPonzi SchemeActive
EasywealthUnknownPonzi SchemeActive
AlwayspaysUnknownPonzi schemeCollapsed
XnairaUnknownPonzi schemeActive/New
MMM ReturnsSergey Mavrodi*Ponzi schemeStatus unclear
247HelpersUnknownPonzi schemeStatus unclear
GlobaclockUnknownPonzi schemeActive/New
SixhourspayUnknownPonzi schemeActive/New
LoudbarUnknownPonzi schemeCollapsing
Foster FundsUnknownPonzi schemeActive/New
CashspinaUnknownPonzi schmeActive/New
CommunalfundUnknownPonzi schemeActive/New
TwinloopsUnknownPonzi schemeActive/New
SurebankerUnknownPonzi schemeStatus unclear
Chistian JomboPyramid schemeStatus unclear
GooglenairaUnknownPonzi schemeStatus unclear
bigbankalertUnknownPonzi schemeScammed investors
LoversdonorUnknownPonzi schemeStatus unclear
MoneyspillageUnknownPonzi schemeStatus unclear
NairabillUnknownPonzi schemeStatus unclear
PaylordsUnknownPonzi SchemeStatus unclear
SwampoolUnknownPonzi schemeStatus unclear
EggcycleUnknownPonzi schemeNew
EngoforDiego van der VeenPonzi schemeFrozen by AFM
Apex ForumUnknownPonzi schemeNew
MFunds.ClubUnknownPonzi schemeNew
PairmeUnknownPonzi schemeNew
Kash DoublerUnknownPonzi schemeNew
MoniboxUnknownPonzi schemeNew
GoldearnUnknownPonzi schemeNew
Reget CashUnknownPonzi schemeNew
EmiratefundsUnknownPonzi schemeNew
DonorbizUnknownPonzi schemeNew
OgafundsUnknownPonzi schemeNew
BountifulcashUnknownPonzi schemeStatus unclear
NetElitesUnknownPonzi SchemeStatus unclear
TetrismartUnknownPonzi schemeStatus Unclear
KindgiversUnknownPonzi schemeStatus Unclear
Cycle2zUnknownPonzi schemeStatus unclear
1GoalfundingUnknownPonzi schemeStatus unclear
MapurseunknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
Liquid CashUnknownPonzi schemeStatus unclear
GainmoreUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
TrustfundUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
NaijapayUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
Naira PropellerunknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
PaymatchUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
MakenairaunknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
BankzilaUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
PocketnairaUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
FuturedoorunknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
HelpersregionUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
NerodeskUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
MoneyboxflashUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
OptimumcashUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
LifesaversUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
MaxgiversUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
Mutual GrantUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
CashfreecommunityUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
Excellent FinanceUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
CashclubingUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
XtracapitalUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
SavefundsUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
BizzfundUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
NairarouteUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
MoneyVanUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
WealthChampionsUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
PiuniUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
TgetherfundsUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
DualhelpUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
pairporteUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
MMM EmpireUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear
FixxitUnknownPonzi schemestatus unclear


  1. Please what does Collapsed/restarting mean? Does it mean that twinkas has shut down?

  2. what does status unclear mean

  3. Twinkas is on infact I got a payment today. I think there are numerous of them you should be updating every 24 hours so you don’t cause confusion or misinform people what you are doing is OK ..keep it up

  4. U doing a good job but pls get your fact right.most of this scheme never collapsed eg donationhub cos I was paid yesterday 650k and I immediately donated again…thanks sir

  5. Boostcash just started now. Take advantage of it and receive 4times ur money. I jst got mine in less than an hour

  6. pls any news on linsicworldwide

    • Oredunni Olugbenga

      The reason why all this ponzi scheme crashed is becks they don’t really utilise the money people put in, they pay old members with new comers money. The only scheme I’ve trusted and gained from is www

  7. Whats the site of boostcash

  8. Chika pls gv us boostcash site. Thanks

  9. Twinkas is still paying, I was paid on 18th February, 2017. Twinkas is really.

  10. Givers drive is the best I was paid 550k under 6hr let keep driving

  11. Giversdrive is the best I received 550k under 6hr

  12. venzax is still the best incuding twinkas

  13. cashduos is serious paying

  14. Please how do I with boost cash site?

  15. How do I get registered with boostcash site please

  16. Chika is lying.She has no idea of what she is up to

  17. Has Claritta really crashed?

  18. well said.But donation hub is pretty active.Please and pleases come join donation is mature,well thought out, structure d,distinctive and secure.Its like no other,a try will convince you

  19. Please and pleases come join donation hub.Its like no other,a try will convince you come to donation hub

  20. Ukachukwu H.N

    Good work but try to get the latest update before you cause b.p related problems to people.

  21. Is changing lives in line still active and paying

  22. thank you for all the latest news on the numerous ponzi scheems in Nigeria. More grease to ur elbow.

  23. Pls what is happening to Alwayspays,thehelpersclub?

  24. Twinkas is still paying my friend received payment today not quite long

  25. How about 247helper. Any hope for investor?


  27. Pls i need the site for boost cash

  28. Is twinkas still active

  29. Yes boss but go for 20k is faster

  30. pls is sixhourspay not a ponzi scam?

  31. i got pay on sixhourspay within 24hours with 50% interest

  32. Sixhourspay is also paying, u can see many leaders to contact under ur location before u register

  33. givers circle is the best,It has paid what I lost in mmm. still paying 3x in 7days

  34. I registered on cahpipe on Monday and I donated twice, I have not been merged since then.pls help me

  35. pls can anyone tell me d hottest one around

  36. Sixhourspay is the best as i get paid in 4hour of my donation i have tried it 3 times today and it works

  37. ponzi schemes in Nigeria

  38. For the first time in my life that I will be involved in ponzi, I recommend GIVERS CIRCLE. Its genuine, pays within 9 days and fast matching up. It pays 3x and no delay. Also Twinkas. Only the 2 I can recommend.

    • Paid in since three weeks ago in givers circle and I’m yet to be paid what about that?

    • Hi mama tee, I ph on 1st March nd I’m unable to login as they are asking for verification code. I contacted them nd they sent couple of codes which didn’t work. Please how do i login to a cycle.

  39. Giverscircle rocks. Faster and 3xpayment

  40. Claritta is a scam! I have donated 3k to get 12k in Maximum of 7days, but today makes it 2weeks and nothing is happening there. Pls stay away!

  41. pls when will new site be launch

  42. Twinkas and cashpipe pays yanfun yanfun. Intact, I have been paid in second day of registration.

  43. Have you all known bout cash pipe, pipe now and get your money back double within 48hrs….piped on Saturday got my 100k by Sunday evening, piped on Monday got paid on Tuesday…. What ate you all waiting for

  44. Twinkas Has Not Paid Me…Today Is The 8th day

  45. is twinkas still working? i paid someone two weeks ago, i have not been matched.

  46. What’s the web address to givers circle and referral link if there is any?

  47. Want to try premiertrain

  48. twinkas is the best, just received 100k few hours ago, I love twinkas

  49. chiamaka egwudo

    I did cashspina for d first time on 21st Feb and dey have not merged me and also venzax for a week plus now stil dey havnt merged me.plz I need help

  50. Get paid and dualfund is now the hottest rocking paying networking in niger. I PH in the morning and gt paid in the evening 100%. Thats Get paid 4u

  51. Givers drive is a scam,I paid someone since Monday and am yet to be matched.Don’t PH on givers drive.

  52. pls which want to which is the best in term of paying back and network

  53. who has received from globaclock

  54. pls stay away. claritta is a scam

  55. Givers circle rocks. Its not a scam

  56. Sixhourspays is the best in Nigeria, mr joe i support you, have done it and i got my money back with 50% interest with 3hours, sixhourspay is changing lives

  57. is giversclub scam? plz urgent respond

  58. is giversclub scam? plz urgent respond and what is happening with twinkas

  59. I strongly say DAT Cashkay is always d best. I PH on Monday 10k n I GH on Wednesday 20k pledged immediately again n got my 40k dis nite (Friday) to me I fink is d best for now

  60. Yea Cashkay has paid me too I tot I had entad one chance it seems is kul I ll kip moving wit dem for now

  61. Givers drive is a full time Ponzi scam I have not been merged since Tuesday while they told me is a day interval of payment. Run for your life.

  62. Try out Just the 50k package. Pays within 5 days. Faster than twinkas now. They are the money 2 reliable ones with the most people

  63. Please did anyone know if NetElites and getpaidworldwide still paying have PH on them both for 2weeks now and they have not pay me back .
    And please any new one out that is pay fast

  64. which one is Giversclub? hearing it for the first time,

  65. pls did anybody know abt suretake wether if is payn?

  66. twinkas is still paying but a bit slower than it used to be

  67. loopers is becoming fraudlent, i put in N100k for two weeks now, instead of receiving back, my account was just whipped off the site that i cant even log in again

  68. ols what is happening with twinkas

  69. Why waste your hard earned money in weak ponzi schemes that promise you heaven and earth but can make away with your money at any time.
    If your looking for where the money you have can grow and a financial hub that have stood the taste of time. then join me as we explore a new world at gethelpworld. you can visit there site to learn more about them or call with this number….

  70. Gabriel Stephen

    Clarrita and paradise are are not a ponzi outfit but a fraudulent investment , they are scammers . Beware they zoom with 500k

  71. feesaid has not paid me oo since last week

  72. Megaprofit rocks too. Am in my 4th circle now, in less than 7 days. I started with 5k and nw i hv 80k. Come and join.

  73. Claritta is a scam stay away


  75. Twinkas and loopers is still d best,twinkas is currently run 300% promo indefinitely. Hurry join

  76. What is happen to giverscorner since 3days I put my 50k in two account I haven’t receive anyone

  77. can’t nigeria’s b reason at lest for once. thing dat work else were whn come is a dffrnt ball game y?

  78. rather things dat works else were whn come here is a diffrnt ball game. why is dis nation like dis?

  79. I paid somebody 8 was matched with on venzax since 12 hrs ago but up till now,he has not confirmed me and he said he had received d money I sent into his acct,pls what should I do??

  80. twinkas is still paying i was paid 16days after registration

  81. pls does anyone know anything about cycle x2 & Netelites

  82. Fosterfunds is the best platform, eversince I loosed my money from mmm nigeria, I have started gaining from here. Give a try & thank me later

  83. Pls some one should tell me whether cash pipe is still payin

  84. Pls who knows about instand payers?

  85. pls can sombody intimate me on fixed income growth.i put my 20k since 2weeks now but no info since then

  86. Netelites and cashpipe are scammers 3 weeks and netelites has not paired me 8 days and cashpipe is yet to pay after doing 50k twice…..

  87. Please does sixhourspay really pay within hours and what is packages like because i can’t find it in there site?

  88. please i want to join but i am a little bit confuse which to join! help

  89. Pls what of me2u

  90. pls Twinkas n giversdrive still paying ?

    • Oredunni Olugbenga

      Twinkas still pays but it is very risky to deal with ether Twinkas or giversdrive becos they are both operating a ponzi / pyramid scheme, they use new members to pay fresh member and as new members reduces they crash. I’ve always advice’s people to invest on investment schemes and they’ve always been grateful. You money has to be used for a purpose before they return your money with profit. And in most cases such profits are not bogus and that’s the reason why people don’t invest and instead fall victim of ponzi schemes because of the outrageous returns they promised.

  91. how many weeks those it take Twinkas to pay

  92. What’s the web address for fosterfund?

  93. pls supernaira is still they exist?

  94. Twinkas pays you between 24 hrs and 21 days.

  95. Stop confusing people here nothing has happen to twinkas.Twinkas till today is one of the best we have in this nation.It’s still paying and will continue to pay,even though it’s a little bit slower than before now but the 21 days has not elaspe anyone in twinkas.247helpers is equally working even though it’s slow now.Why can’t people stick to one active network rather than jumping from one network to another,looking for quick pay?is it not what is causing this slowness of payment?

  96. citi fund, loudbar, O- give, clarrita, maximpay, all fraudsters!! they are owning me! idiots!

  97. O-give is a scam ponzi, dnt invest there.

  98. Pls how long does twinkas stays before paying for the 50k package? And if anyone has received payment of recent?

  99. lateefdiamond

    success come for those who think about for success and strive for it most people are praying hoping wishing for there life to be better but they we never make a decision that can change there life for the better i just want to let u guys to know about the ponzi scheme that is on top it pays faster no delay no doubt but happiness i just know only two(2) for now which is TWINKAS and ECOOPORATIVE little start up fee and earn abundance join the both or one and keep smiling it is not for everyone but for those who are tired of there present situation remember a wise man make his own decision why ignorance follow public opinion

  100. Venzasx is still paying well and gud

  101. Pls what of nairax2 lauched yesterday

  102. Have any one heard of Millionaire club
    is it a scam

  103. H.g geraldin snakeh

    dont do any good friend except twinkas .go for twinkas is the best

  104. though twinkas ls now slower than before… But i registered with 10k on 11th of january. Now av made more than 100k out from it… And am awaiting another payment of 200k. Hala TWINKAS!

  105. lateefdiamond

    success is for everybody but not everybody we succeed because most people are not ready to take step and the first step towards success is willingness to listen and digest and many were looking few were seeing just open your eyes to Ecooperative and start making huge money with low start up fee u begin to earn abundance living the kind of life u want Ecooperative pays faster no delay but for more details call or whatsapp 08103673173

  106. Pls frnds is silverdish platform scammers, someone shuld pls tell me of it day are said to be paying as fast as in less dan 24hrs, are dey for real.

  107. when will givers drive finish their maintenance, or is that the end?

  108. Gold-lucky name scam

  109. Please wic networking opened newly today or yesterday and who has gotten paid in it and how does it operate please.need to invest in one

  110. is anything happening with 48connect? since yesterday, i cannot open the site.

  111. how will someone know a scheme that just started.I pH in favourplus for about 3wks now and I have not been merged

  112. Hello my friend Fundcycle is the best wow jst started 1sh of March 2017. Pay today and get tomorrow.

  113. Esusu is also paying…Just received payment today..Its new and still fresh..BT DTS for y not hurry and get paid asap.

  114. This Is 20days My 50k Is Lying In Twinkas, I Wonder Whom They Are Paid.

  115. which Twinkas is paying today is 20 day of my 50k nothing has hapend till. who talk say they are paying and how?

  116. I registered this morning on and I was matched within 2 hours and get paid 200% of my money in less than 6 hours. Just want to share this since they are new and I think they are just started, maybe about a week and now will be good for anyone that want to invest in it before it become crowded.

  117. Guy go am get ur money back on Fundcycle Hurry dei jst started

  118. Which Of The Twinkas Paying, I Paid 50k On 17feb. Till Now This Moment, All The Phone Numbers At Their Call Centre Are Not Going Even One,

  119. Mizzy drop the site address ooo..been tryna find it…

  120. Charles Edward

    pls who knows about 427helpers

  121. I hereby telling u that six hours pay is still the best, your money can’t go bcos u can chose a leader under your location anywhere in Nigeria and their phone numbers to contact them. They pay people within six hours to seven days after the confirmation of your payment, and is 50% percent of your investment.

  122. Pls stay away from it is a scam. They exist to dupe people. Dont invest a penny there a lot of people here commenting are scammers and thieves. BE WARNED.

  123. If claritta restarts will they still pay old members

  124. If clarity restarts will it pay old members

  125. Cash pipe
    Pyramid pays
    Moni box office
    Fun cash
    All scam
    They all have my money

  126. Hello everyone have you heard of pgrfunds…. It’s the fastest paying schemes.. .hurry up and join got paid within and hour after proving help

    • Another promoter, you guys will be caught soonest

    • Imagine blessed giver, for more than 40hours someone uploaded bet game slip and filled his or her details with unpronounced letter yet after several complain to support it still await that I confirm. That is enough reason to show that they are fraudster. As stated previously, they create and host their ponzi scam site, when you provide help, you are match to pay their friend or family. Once again, blessedgiver is a scam site and I am currently working out something with police to apprend the person I paid too soonest.

  127. Beware of they are new but it seems it is a scam. Nigerian’s please be careful. They create a website host it when you are matched ,you pay to their friends and family. I advice and suggest we forget about this ponzi issues and go back to our legit making money business or you keep feeding someone else.

  128. Y is twinkas slow?

  129. lateefdiamond

    God bless Ecooperative for transforming my life from grass to grace from nobody to somebody from nothing to something through Ecooperative don’t doubt ur future ur future we be bright u we accomplishe the impossible for those that join am not forcing u to join u join or u don’t join that one we not stop my money but if u want to join am assuring u 100% success u can join me on whatsapp or call 08103673173

  130. Its unfortunate that this site is being used and promoted to lure innocent people and their funds to thieves and swindlers.

  131. am bless.please give me updates on report on which one to avoid or run with.thanks

  132. Ajala Atinuke

    I think is still beta if d system is slow than crashed. Twinkas still have my yes. Av invested in many ponzi but Twinkas stands tall among them. God bless Nigeria

  133. Venzax and Loopersclub are the best they pay you before 2 weeks, be careful in investing into schemes that promise paying in hours, the patient dog eats the fattest bone.

    • @Barry,Venzax is not paying anybody,all the ponzi’s are serious minded scammer and they are all Nigerian guys like us.i paid 50k in venzax and they said they will pay me on march 3rd up till this moment no show same with twinkas 10k and 5k packages.i think the best we should do is to ignore this boys with their criminal minds.

  134. Somebody should pls me wat is happening to twinkas oooo since Febuary 14th I donated 50k up till now nothing has happend

  135. pls someone should tell me about venzax for 2week now not payment

  136. some one shuld pls highlight me more about ecooperate

  137. claritta
    All get question mark

  138. Hello can someone give an update about Get Help worldwide… Guess they are really doing well

  139. if you benefited from twinkas then you would love dual funds. pays in just 7 days. the site is swift . pH 50k and get100k. I love dual funds

  140. Na dual funds surpass all others pH 20k and 50k and got 40k and 100k in few days. it pays

  141. Twinkas twinkas twinkas still remain the only legit and best scheme I know.You can not loose your money in twinkas.your pay might delay but your money is secured,why not all of us leave those fake and scam platforms and move to a plateform that is secured

  142. Everybody go for twinkas is the best

  143. Beg who Loopersclub don pay oo? dem neva pay me since 21day now.

  144. pls dis dualfunds how many days does it take to pay and must register somebody under u b4 paying u. pls I reply
    if it is real pls drop ur number.

  145. Pairfund is really paying and its fast too..Its new and trending for now…please run from seedpayers…DTS one hit and run site..

  146. Hi guys!! Thanks for all your comments. Please who knows about giverscircle, I ph on 1st of March and ever since then I haven’t been able to login as it keeps asking for verification code. I sent them several mails which they replied with diff verification codes and none is working. Please I need info asap. Thanks

  147. Nawa ooo ooo am very confused ….but from the comments so far …the only site I see to be really paying is twinkas….seriously am not a member of it ..but I will love to partake in it if clarittas release my money for me ….thou clarittas paid me within 3days the first time I did it now this is my second time …am wondering why the delay thou its not up to A week now still hoping

  148. Please can sm1 update me about giverscircle as I’m unable to login to a circle. It’s asking for verification code

  149. Pls has twinkas paid anyone of recent cos mine has stayed for abt 20days now…yet nothing

  150. swampool zz back

  151. Emmanuel Osemene

    Weldone guys you are doing a great job:
    Please let Nigerians know that there are many scam sites these days these are a few of the list that in have xpme across of recent:
    All these sites have one thing in common they open over night collect money and run away without paying back.
    While I agree that POndzi by itself is not.legit sokwnhavw managed to pay people consistently before they went under ground but this 7 and.many more coming up by night these days are criminally minded and Nigerians should keep away from them.

  152. Pls does anyone know about twin money? my money has been there for two weeks now without hearing from them and they promised maximum of 7 days.

  153. All these sites are being promoted´ by the owners just to scam people. The only one i can vauch for any day any time with proper cyber security hence spamming it is impossible is twinkas. IT is where you can invest your money & peacefully go to sleep at the appointed time your phone will just ring & you get now 300 percent of your money. But most of these sites can pay you today the next day you cant even login into them. Please let us all stick to twinkas & forget about these fraudlent overnite ponzi schemes minus twinkas all other sites i have tried ended up swindling me of my hard earned money. God bless you all.

  154. pls Barry can u say samething about venzax for 3week now without payment, what can l say now

  155. Pls is still paying?….cause the queue is not moving again

  156. You people should go and join pairfund its paying badly

  157. run away from VENZAX.COM
    AWESOMECASHFLOW AND SLICKWEALTH there are big time scam there will scam you with your money

  158. Seriously the truth is better but I have to say it TWINKAS is the BEST scheme to join, I have try most of the platform but all has fail, even thou TWINKAS is slow for now but they are trying hard now to make it better than b4, in TWINKAS they always inform u through their noticeboard in your dashboard and also in social media presently now they are giving 300% in all the package they have just as they did it in December period, TWINKAS is real tested and trusted.

  159. Has anyone heard of gethelpclub ( not gethelpworldwide ) please dont mistake it for gethelpworldwide. run away from gethelpclub. it is a big scam . I experimented on them with $10 , you will register and make payments, then you will not be able to upload Proof because the page is not working, then they will block you after timeout. No matter the support message you send, support will not responde to you, there is no support.

  160. Pls is dual funds and cashmetals still active?

  161. Are you ready!!!!!!!!
    Get all ur wasted money back and let the cash flow into your bank like river..
    Cashflow is paying like CBN…
    just launched and pays in less than 5hours mostly on 10k package…its 200% and 10% on referal
    visit this link now and thank me later
    you will thank me later…………

  162. Sorry this is the link for Fundcycler is till paying and very fast every day people keep paying and its hiding know body knows abaut it. Join fast @ //

  163. It’s own by the American very strong site. And pls when it pay you don’t forget to come and give the testimony here. @onefamily

  164. Guys the over roll best is fundcycle becouse is own by the Americans and very wast in paying. Pls dnt wast your time on others go for this stable one //

  165. Some people will just be giving false information. Those people that are saying that dual funds pays in three days are their admin..My acct there, Saturday will make it good 2weeks no payment…I wonder while it’s still active/new on page one’s status..

  166. Lets go back to mmmnigeria…

  167. Oluyemi pls give us the link of the cash flow you talking about

  168. pls tell your fundsrecievers to pls pay my money is now 10days . have not recieve any money. i donated 5k and nobody has paid me.

  169. Guys join this secure & reliable one gethelpworldwide it pays pls register with my link

  170. 247helpers is active….
    the status is known….
    it pays now in 15days
    All GH are currently attended to
    and all PH are being matched.

    For people who PH, and are matched to pay someone… pls proceed with payment and confidently wait to be paid within 15days…

  171. The best ever i have seen and moving up till now. //

  172. Mr.Nice Guy

    Kudos to U for Exposing all FRAUDULENT PONZI SCHEME.u are doing a great job here. Pls Pageone management,make sure U are 4real, some of of thise PONZI SCHEME u said are still active are not active again make sure u are doing regular research on them, as some of them are collapsing now.some people that praises them are member of their management.Your truthfullness and transparency will definitely set pace for U.The end of scamers and fraudlers is destruction.Be Warned!!!

  173. I beg of U, PageOne Try to Make findings On CLO( b4 i join them they pay after 3 days,but now they gradually change it to 21 days.I invested and provided help of 50k,it is a month now have not receive payment,2 days ago and up till now their site is not reachable and no access to my dashboard.Somebody should response and tell me,are they fraudulent?Or they have finally Collapsed?…

  174. ‘ve any one heard of monie mania, was lunched on 7th I invested nd got my moni back in less than one hour. I signed up with diff accounts again cos you can’t recycle in their platform it payed me within 24hrs. I don’t trust or preach about these ponzi schemes, I jst feel like I should share my testimony with you guys. Goodluck

  175. lateefdiamond

    burning desire is the starting point of all accomplishments follow the track of fortunate and you become fortunate the people you associate.yourself with determine your success more than any other factor associate yourself with the people who are willing to succeed join ecooperative and stand on the road of succeed moving to success part with Ecooperative you keep earning for more details call or whatsapp 08103673173. remember present opportunities are not to be neglected they rarely visit us twice

  176. pls why has venzax stop paying?, hey ma 100k oooo since three weeks now oooo

  177. There shd be no confidence in any of these but it is good to try atimes. For now, the newest of all is OGAFUNDS launched on march 7, I hv invested three times within 24hrs & hV received. Earlier the best. But don’t try again after two months. For now, it pays within a twinkking of an eyes. This info is a privileged one.

    • Sincerely, apart from Ogafund, the owners of twinkas hv good heart and intention. It can only be destroyed by us if not investing again.

  178. Just launched today join cashfeeders it’s paying fast now

    • Just launched this afternoon just launched their 15 k 30k and 60k hurry while it lasts

    • Was lunched on Saturday the 11th of March, thou it’s fast but don’t confuse pple bcos u want to get ur moni. I also did nd was paid immediately but I didn’t borther to recycle.

  179. Launching Tomorrow March 13th by 9am: SureGiver The fastest paying Ponzi site in Nigeria. Don’t miss out

  180. Check out cashfeeders it’s paying fast now register n get ph within an hour 10 k n 20k is moving fasr

    • Yeah I did it yesterday nd it paid me within 1hr, but I didn’t borther recycling coz this pipu ‘ve thought me lessons.

  181. I did twinkas of 50k since 8th Feb and have not been paid till now

    • Twinkas is a scam. search online for any real product investment, although they dont pay bogus returns but believe me they are real.

  182. The latest one is OURDAILYBREAED, is new, they are not a fruld. They are here just to make people refund their lost. They 5k as their highest package, and is operate within 24h to 48h. Is hundred percent. U can’t lost once you do the first one, u will be using their money to continue, the more people u refer with your email address under it the faster u get your money, u get paid within a day if u refer people. Is recycling platform, once u got your full donation u will be expecting another person u are to donate to. ( Don’t be greed bcos that what kill Nigerian.

  183. Na wa oo soft work from bad guys over there, i think mmm is still d best bcos upon all the challenges they have been battling with since their resumption this year Feb 13th 2017 the scheme is still paying. It means the scheme is 50% trustworthy.

  184. Okay guys, jst did sure givers immediately it was lunched nd it paid me within 30mins. I recycled thou in queue now and it’s moving fast. Thanks for the info Xtain

  185. Just launched this noon cashfeeders just launched its 60k package hurry it’s paying like mad now

  186. Please how about that useless cycle X2??that ponzi scheme is a big time scam, they stopped paying people already(lost 20k to it)&these motherfuckers admi people wouldn’t pick their calls &d site ain’t opening again as well,not sure about 2sure biz yet,hopefully I still get my money on 2sure ponzi scheme o,this one their site ain’t opening again too

  187. Ar yhu tired of ponzi scheme, if you are…….it.s tym to join the winning team………if yhu are ready…….whatsap mhe 07036217264………………pls mature minds only

  188. Hey guys does anyone know d new info on 24/7,donated since 14/2,not been paid

  189. Just launched just launched 60k this afternoon hurry it’s paying fast

  190. Review

  191. I need whatsapp group for updates on latest ponzi schemes

  192. Randomcycler & suregiver are the latest and paying well….

  193. Twinkas is trustworthy and reliable. Some ppl just wanted 2 destroy it wit dere mouth but could’t succed. dey are even waxing stronger each day. As 4me, Twinkas is de best!!!

  194. What’s the latest ponzi schemes now

  195. nairadonation don pay me today.
    Their payment is fast because they just started

  196. 247 helpers is the best even though they are on 15 days of frozen, they have really paid so many people. Thanks to 247 helpers admin, he is a man of his words

  197. hello pls did twinkas pay anybody since this month of march

  198. twinkas don boost my account again.thanks 4 de 3000 units. you be BABA.

  199. The fact that twincas site is still active gives me hope on them,
    I believe I will soon be paid

  200. 2NAIRA was Launched by 5PM Today, receive 200% of your donation within hours..No referral Needed, No multiple account..Rush now // still paying fastly

  201. I believe twinkas will pay its just sow due to ow influx of people, but right now is paying, its new, its international, its safe and secured. Recycling is enforced to sustain d community. Join now and recover losses

  202. twinkas is still d best. They r paying now

  203. you guys should not mind twinkas they ar just saying grammer, when they are merging there self dont they knw, now after merging there self no way to pay people again


    SCAM SITE tinyfunds to launch by 4pm today 16TH/MARCH/2017


  205. Its been 1month and 2weeks since I paid 50k in twinkas stil not heard frm them wats happening

  206. U people should try Nairalift..1k to get 4k…2k to get 8k….My referral link is //
    U can either share ur referral link or wait for spillovers..Its new tho

    • Kimberly, as most of u don’t want to give ur original name…. It is well, please don’t give testimonies that are not try about nairalift at dis point. Cos I feel all payment by other members goes straight to admin members alone… Until they pay as they claim, for now they are scammers

  207. Plc Fund Cycler and Cashfeeders which one pay farster ?

  208. I stumble upon yesterday afternoon while searching for new ponzi scheme that pay and I try it out but to my surprise I was merge and paid in less than 2 hours. I check the website history and its about 2 days old. I just want to share this since its new and pay 300%.

  209. My fellow Nigerians,can any ponzi scheme platform function without the participants redeeming their pledges or recruiting new participants?Can u go to the bank to cash out money if there are no savings by other customers?We keep complaining about ponzi schemes that are crashing without looking inward to figure out the cause.MMM Nigeria, Twinkas,Ultimate cyclers and what have u are in their current state today because of our negative attitude of not redeeming pledges and recruiting new participants once we have made enough money.We can’t shy away from the fact that we are in the epoch of ponzi schemes.New ones keep emerging as the existing ones keep collapsing because of our greed and negative attitude of becoming rich over night.Let me remind u that the devil u know (MMM,Twinkas,Ultimate cyclers,Giversforum n d other genuin platforms)is better than the angel u don’t know.It’s time we re-traced our steps.Let’s go back to MMM,Twinkas, Giversforum etc and resuscitate them.I’m currently battling with the support of a particular platform over the rate of hacking in their platform.I’m going to expose this platform to u all by tomorrow should they fail to resolve the issue I presented to them.I will also drop my Username and Password so u can login n c how they allowed a participant who was to pay me 24k n whom I suspected to be one of the administrators hacked into my account n confirmed the payment he never made to me.

  210. which of the ponzi schemes is paying currently?

  211. Nigerians will never listen @Peter…somedays back i said twinkas is still paying and to confirm it all i was paid yesterday…happy twinking pals.

  212. is the best of all… PH today and get match 4hrs time… Latest and fastest

  213. 3invest dey hot like fire.Come and recover all your losses.Tried it and it worked.

  214. what about mapurse I have paid more than a month yet nothing from them does it even exist my 5k is hanging there.

  215. lateefdiamond

    Great mind have purpose others have wishes the person who as a dream and as not find the way to achieve it is not a failure but the person who refuse to take step 100% sure ecooperative is paying it’s time for you don’t miss it success is never handed on a plater of gold but by smooth work and smart work for more details

  216. What about this ecooperative, is it also a ponzi scheem, or is different from others? pls hoe does it operate? Is it a new investment platform? Waiting for ur response.

  217. Yusuf Yakubu

    Twinkas n GHW are the only sure way. In fact twinkas gave me 200k joy yesterday. ….

  218. Good people of Nigeria, let us be wise now so that these schemes can fail without delay; do not allow yourselves to be lured anymore. You should be satisfied with the 30% u are earning from gethelpworldwide, mutualgrant and twinkas. This people with new lunched ponzi’s platform will destroyed your life. Run with your money.

  219. Dats true gethelpworldwide is the best

  220. I am not ready to join any Ponzi game anymore am ok with Grow Fast Intr. Growfastcash is still very silent and they are paying because they have good investment to keep the system running.

  221. Ogafunds na baaba

  222. Lordsam John

    Taking statistics of all the comments here; it is worthy to note the following deductions (1) That mmm Nigeria topped first
    (2) Ultimate cycler would hv followed if not their previous mistakes
    (3) Twinkas now has emerged amongst others.
    (4) If there is any other, they follow below. You can name them. I am not a fan of any of these. Nigerians, this judgement is not far from the truth.

  223. Twinkas are not paying, they creator and allies of TWINKAS should stop hyping d negative works of twinkas, a platform DAT av not paid many people since January till date is regarded by its funders as d best and that its still paying. If truly they are paying y are they holding peoples money to themselves and paying themselves and themselves will come and give positive testimony about twinkas… Nigerians b warned and b very mindful of Twinkas… Until they pay the people with little stipends that build up TWINKAS that are yet to b matched not to talked of paying them TWINKAS are refurbished scammers……

    • twinkas are still paying jst dat d payment is very slow unlike dos days, der is still hope in it jst stay tune nd well calm. u shall b paid forget abt d delay nd current challenges

  224. Pls you pple shuld tell me the platform that was paying very well now. pls i need to recover all my money. This pple has really duped me all this while.

  225. lateefdiamond

    The down fall of a man is not the end of is life I believe that word because I was duped by so many network even I can account the money I have wasted but suddenly I came across Ecooperative today my money is back I could not believe the day I was introduce but I just say let me give it a try now a try is producing money my people for those of you that you have ear listen to my word right it. is not by force but if u wish just give it a try you we thank me later for more details call or whatsapp 08103673173

  226. What about reapmoney. Anybody with useful info? Is it paying?

  227. twinkas is currently run 300% promo indefinitely and real – fund/en is real join now

  228. Join ogafunds with this link, its new and paying….//

  229. Okpeke is it bcos twinkas has not paid u yet….abeg take heart k cos my friend was paid last friday been 17th of March…twinkas all d way.

  230. Twinkas stil remain d best no matter d current challange in delayed payment

  231. I joined cashspina since six weeks now yet I v not been paid. pls help me.

    • babe just 4get ur money…. dose people don walker with our money…they are still the owners of beware of them and other ponzi schemes…must are scammers.. yahoo boys

  232. What is the latex about GHW please I need the latex update

  233. Pls any idea if 2naira is still functioning..??

  234. Ogafunds status update anybody.. ??

  235. join it pays within 30minutes and also all pays faster mostly the 5k package u can also try

  236. Be financially free. Watch out for GETHELPERS247 to be launched Friday 24th March by 11:00am. It is for real. all money lost will be recovered. With GETHELPERS247, you can become a millionaire..

  237. Twinkas Is The Most Reliable.The Pay Me This Morning On My Classic Package(5000) God Bless Twinkas.

    • When did u donate because i donated and paid on the 15th feb and uptil now, iv nt been paid in the premium package

  238. doubleportion

    Twinkas is the best! I was paid 150k today 3X promo. Thanks Twinkas

    • When did u donate because i donated and paid on the 15th feb and uptil now, iv nt been paid in the premium package

  239. lateefdiamond

    what you know we lead u to the top ecooperative is paying seriously fast and reliable it is now your turn to gain your money for those that are willing to register for enquiry call or what’s app 08103673173

  240. To be Launched by 6:00AM on Friday 24/03/2017 (, “Best of its Kind” is a donation and financial social network platform for all Nigerians with access to internet. This platform was formed as a channel of paying the good-hearted people who have lost money on “Hit and Run” Sites.

    We exchange donations and receive gratitude in return to fulfill one another’s dream. It’s completely member-to-member donation platform, the system impartially handles everything on “First Come – First Serve” Basis, with no human interferance at all. There are millions of good-hearted people around the Nation to connect with and share.

    With, you are sure to receive 100% instant increase of your donations within 48hours. There are four distinct investment Packages: NGN5,000, NGN10,000, NGN20,000 and NGN50,000 packages; with NGN10,000, NGN20,000, NGN40,000 and NGN100,000 possible returns respectively. This platform graves your indulgence of high expectations, as we usher you into the World of Financial Breakthrough!

  241. Guys join gethelpers247 is very much new and have been paid within 1hour today.

  242.….Dz site legit for now…Thanks patricia

  243. twinkas is still my answer.with twinkas your money cannot lost. they are fast paying now and people are rushing because they have discovered the truth.

    • When did u donate because i donated and paid on the 15th feb and uptil now, iv nt been paid in the premium package

  244. D latest on board is, it ws launched two days ago

  245. it is just like Twinkas. I would jot say what I don’t know, it paid me on Saturday and it paid me and my sister on Sunday evening again. I like it very much. It has made me soo much money this weekend. I don’t know why much people don’t know about it yet. But it’s a very good one.

  246. Guys why is doublefy not here
    It’s active I paid yesterday got marched today he he go n grab it copy d earlier d better

  247. Doublefy is the latest Twinkas.
    Launched 2 days ago. Still steady.

  248. gethelpers247 is the best, i just got paid now within 24hrs of providing help.

  249. lateefdiamond

    my dear brother and sister am telling you today that have wasted almost 1million on on different part of ponzi scheme but that is cancel cheque because past is experience present is experiment future is expectation so use your experience in your experiment to make your expectation come into reality as at now we are in 21ist century and the best network is multi level marketing if you are the type that always read books go and read think and grow rich or dream achiver don’t waste your time because time wasted can never be regain and time is the most valuable asset in the world read more about helpinghand know more about it join and you we achieve your dream just 2×2 matrix you can be a millionaire for more detail call 08103673173

  250. P2pcycle is the latest…48 hours paid me…its new and its more like a community, members can relate so u can leave when u smell a rat.

  251. This is a nice piece of writeup,there is also a lot of things you need to know about Ponzi schemes

  252. Joseph ekwem

    I strongly believe that twinkas is the best I know when he got to my turn there will pay me. Twinkas is the best of all.

  253. Doublepay is unheard of.. .yet it pays by the minute….even my dad was convinced to join nd this is some1 who detests ponzi schemes.

  254. We all lose money bcos we don’t want to work, yet we want quick and easy way to success. We all know there is no work in Nigeria right now but the truth there is an opportunity to make money that will erase poverty from ur family if only you can humble urself. Let me introduce you to an opportunity I was also introduced to in January.. It is network marketing. Yes people frown at network marketing but they have never tried it and they don’t know the secret. This is the age of information and only the right information can cause a transformation in ur destiny.. I wish I had embraced it 5 years ago when I was first given the opportunity but Time lost can never be regained(sadly). Join me let’s embrace success together and you won’t regret it I promise you.

  255. wow… gethelpers247 is bomb, credit alert every day by day, am on my 4th cycling now. gethelpers247.. you too much jare…

  256. If u are looking for a scheme to invest in then I have ur
    5k to get 15k

  257. Twinkas still stands out….here are their portal of paid people so u’ll know where the queue have reached…
    Also d 100k package is running smoothly…pays in less than two weeks as well as trying to pay the old people…just log into d site and see for yourself….twinkas d best.

  258. Cashpipe, twinkas, get help pays

  259. Pls does cashloma pay?

  260. Wat is happen venzax?I expected to merge with some one DAT will pay me today and venzax have not merged me why?I need my money badly

  261. recover all your lost money from gethelpers247 and thank me later

  262. U guys should try deir newly launched packages are 2500 and 3500..The 3500 package is the fastest for now oo..cos both packages were launched yesterday

  263. givers alliance as collapsing and also donorbiz pls and pls let people be aware…..o pls and pls post it bcos this is my third term of send it.

  264. Twinkas is still d best ever

  265. Stop saying invest club have crash I was paid today

  266. Pls, be careful of doublepayers, they are oh to scam

  267. Chigozie umunnakwe

    What is latest one now. Pls tell me and the that are paying faster

  268. Chigozie umunnakwe

    I need the latest one and the one that pays fast

    • people pls beware of these fake ponzi scams.. cashpipe has moved there website they are now know as cashtela and send bulk sms to all there users in cashpipe… pls do not fail victim to these scammers… they are genuine one’s i will be listenning them tomorrow..before joining any platform pls make research on the Internet and other means..

  269. Instead of allowing economy recession to tame you down, why don’t you reset your economy. Provide help #5,000 and get 200-600 % in days time. Check it out at:

  270. people pls beware of these fake ponzi scams.. cashpipe has moved there website they are now know as cashtela and send bulk sms to all there users in cashpipe… pls do not fail victim to these scammers… they are genuine one’s i will be listening them tomorrow..before joining any platform pls make research on the Internet and other means..

  271. gethelpers247 has recovered all my lost money, try it and thank me later

  272. cashfeeders & pairfunds are paying. cashfeeders paid me yesterday while pairfunds paid me today

  273. Chigozie umunnakwe

    I need the current one that I can register and the one that pays in hours

  274. Good morning everyone, I am a Jackobian and that means i get to see news of all the sites launch dates and time of launch..So for those of u that have lost money on ponzi schemes a new site is being launched tomorrow..

  275. Chigozie umunnakwe

    Latest ponzi schemes that are paying today

  276. Chigozie umunnakwe

    Has start paying

  277. gentlekings

    pls. the geniue ones are the ones expected now. I am tired of all this scammers. they hv really duped many pple in the name of their stupid percentages. i dont want to fall their victm again. pls wen posting try to be sincere.

  278. Chigozie umunnakwe

    I want to know if 3starpay has paying

  279. Hello Don Mark,how can i join yr group chat? I want to be getting fresh news of the geniue ponzi and their lauching date.thanks for your reply.

  280. gethelpers247 is bomb, every day alert, they are paying fast, try and thank me later

  281. New ponzi scheme launching on Friday just got the info….

  282. Chigozie umunnakwe

    Any information about jollygroove,

  283. jollygroove are big scammers, those guys don carry my moni run……

  284. does it mean no one is working again. We dont need scammers pls. lets be sincere to each others when posting new ponzi scheme.

  285. I just received a SMS message around 8AM about 247Merger that they just launched this morning and I registered immediately and paid the person I was merged with but to my surprise two persons was also merged to me and I get paid in less than 1 hour and I feel like sharing this to anyone interested in investing with them before it become over crowded.

  286. Buy ur twinkasAnd mmm script for 10k only after u pay in my account I wil send d script to ur email.

  287. Have you heard about streamsplus platform that will allow you to accumulate upto 324bitcoin-the 1st cryptocurrency within 3months.

  288. please who knows about zenilla.

  289. Gentlekings

    i dont think any network is working now.

  290. Wow Guyz thiz is a site lunch yesterday night. To be honest with you I but money to day it pay me today pls someone should try it and tell the rest.

  291. … going to up in 4 hours time…be among the first people to signup.
    Remember>>>>FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!!!

  292. Dr Prince Ugo Lawrence

    Pls does anyone has information on and getpaidworldwide.
    My money has been with them since February.
    Are they still paying cos I havnt been able to log in

  293. We all know that twinpeer is paying very well now, and it’s new but let’s apply wisdom ooo becos awuf dey run belle

  294. They r not paying again.Just forget dem and move on with life.Advice:forget ponzi for now and get something doing.Thanks

  295. I want to share this great news to any interested person. I registered this morning and paid someone but to my surprise I got paid 200% back within 3 hours.

  296. I’m surprised pairfund didn’t make the list. Good list anyway.

  297. I read about Liberty Aid Global…I think it’s a nice platform, the web interface looks amazing and I checked the domain, it’s registered till 2020. I didn’t get the part they explained as Donation Pool on their website. Anyone here on the platform??

  298. its great h2i

  299. lateefdiamond

    people why don’t you think of investing your money instead of wasting it to all this scammer people don’t waste your time money became time wasted can never be regain invest your money in the right platform because what you do today can make you a millionaire or poorest person you can become great if you think you can because if you believe you can you can and if you believe you can’t you can’t it is your decision that we make you to achieve your dreams and goals so make the right decision partner with h2i and stop complain about the situation of they have chop my money or complaining about recession just remember recession or not recession people like you are buying cars open new home traveling abroad why not you it is your decision partner with h2i and move along with the great people for more details call or whatsapp 08103673173

  300. gethelpers247 is the best ever, everyday alert, no regret, you will recover all your lost money

  301. After Losing so much money to scammers in the name of ponzi scheme, I felt so bad to the extent of killing myself. The pain was just too much to bear. I was left with nothing as I wasted my Life savings to different scam methods under ponzi schemes. I became so frustrated knowing too well that my money is in the hands of nigerians(Different Admins Of each Ponzi Scheme) what on earth would make nigerians to be this wicked? I asked several questions and there was no single response to any. I regain confidence that I can still make it in life despite losing my life savings to nigerian scammers in the name of Ponzi scheme. A friend of mine based in Abuja introduced me to a Bitcoin Business of which I was very doubtful of it authenticity due to my previous negative experience. Initially I had no interest in it but after much I decided to give it a try. I am very happy that my financial Life is getting a new face. I’ve almost recovered half of the money I was being scammed by some naija boys who paraded themselves to be Admins of different Ponzi scheme. I would always prefer to embark on an investment with foreign companies and white men rather than all this Naija investment bullshit. I wonder why nigerians are so dubious and criminally minded. I swear on my life never to start up an investment with any naija company cos it’s all scam at the end. I’ll always encourage every useful nigerian to own Bitcoin as much as you can because of its increasing value especially when compared to “Naira” currency.

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