Happy World Meal Gate is just a food pyramid scheme

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Happy World Meal Gate is another pyramid scheme disguising as a charity organization providing food to the needy with investors contribution as the fund used to pay new investors.

The uniqueness of Happy World Meal Gate is nothing special as the scheme is only capitalising on the harsh economic condition and overtly-inflated food prices in the market.

Since the beginning of Nigeria’s recession various ponzi and pyramid scheme have surfaced promising people financial freedom, quick cash to get out of need and also become rich. However, the approach of Happy World Meal gate is to use the most soft approach to perpetrate a pyramid scheme that will get the most crowd.

With its messaging and branding Happy World Meal Gate seeks to target the most vulnerable and poor as well as millions of Nigerians who have been badly hit by the recession.

Instead of selling actual products through its affiliates, Happy World Meal Gate actually collect money from new members in Dollars (USD) with the promise that they will be compensated with food items and groceries and also cash benefits which are split between 40-60%.

While Happy World Meal Gate looks for supportive and compassionate to the poor, downtrodden and vulnerable, there are several red flags that shows that it is a mere pyramid scheme that will end up collapsing as recruitment dries up.

The first red flag is that Happy World Meal Gate has about six packages namely- Farms Gate, Green Gate, Golden Garden, Great Garden, Famous Garden and Food Bank. From the first package or stage (Farms garden), affiliates are required to pay a minimum of USD32. For a scheme that harps on its effort to fight hunger, poverty, malnutrition and disease, where will a poor individual get USD32 with the rate of hardship and poverty.

Also, the scheme puts pressure on such people to continue to recruit new members whose funds will be used to pay and buy food items for old investors. While Happy World Meal Gate describes itself as a “dynamic Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company”,it has no correlation with MLM. It does not produce the food items it distributes to its members neither are products produced for the scheme. The owners are basically using a bulk buying approach to get discounts.

However, a pyramid scheme analysts hinted that owners of the scheme do not need to know anything about the source of the product. They are simply getting their supplies from wholesalers. There are no guarantee that they will buy so cheap that they can make serious margin. She said their target is the recruitment fee paid by new investors who are then pressured to get new investors to get food and cash benefits.

There are no faces on the site as to who owns the scheme. That is a another red flag. There are pictures of people wearing branded t-shirt while presenting food items, however, there are no pictures, profile of people in charge.

The domain was created on the 27th of September, 2016. There are no details about who registered or owns the domain because it has been set to private.

The drill still remain the same. Do not deal with any supposed MLM company that cannot reveal who and who are responsible for the company. Happy World Meal Gate has an appealing proposition that people will easily fall for. However, it is a typical pyramid scheme that requires its members/investors to bring in more people. As soon its recruitment drive drops, the scheme will collapse faster than expected.

Owners of Happy World Meal Gate will always win because they are not using a dime of their monies. They are the ones on top of the pyramid enjoying all the goodies. Older members/investors will be the ones holding the empty bag.

47 thoughts on “Happy World Meal Gate is just a food pyramid scheme

  1. what about the fact that they are registered?
    what about the fact that they are in partnership with dangote,cusson and nestle?

  2. The fact that they are registeref & also in partnership with Dangote, PZ, & Nestle shows that there is/are owner for this said scheme.

  3. What is the proof that the companies so mentioned are aware or are truly in partnership with this scheme?

    1. How can Edison be asking what is the proof that the said companies(Dangote,Pz,Nestle) are partnering with happy world meal gate? E be like say you like to dey ask stupid question. Abi your name na English language?

  4. It is a pity that these bloggers cannot stop causing problems for Nigerians. A program that is not meant to stop will eventually collapse due to their continuous publishing causing people who want to join to stay away. This is a panic causing publication. They should stop it please. This is not good for the country.

  5. My simple comment is, if these companies mentioned as part of the scheme are really not in it, they should quickly come out with their disclaimers that they are not part of the scheme. In this case, silence means consent.

  6. All those who are not part of it or do not believe it should not discourage others all in the name of patriotism. If you are very patriotic and care so much about the ‘poor man’, what have you done to help his situation? The man wants to take risk and you are holding him back, yet, you so called economist and the like would say “No risk, no reward!” Never seen a more confused set of human beings…

  7. they are registered with office at 81 Adeniji jones ikeja Nigeria what else do you want and millions of people rushing in and out everyday. your are busy posting red alert why not visit their office and see things for your self.

  8. One thing everybody here should realise is that every venture in life has some elements of risk involved. And because of the risks, there will always be people who do not believe and detractors (dogs in the manger who don’t eat grass and they’ll not allow other animals who eat grass to do so).

    HWMG is very real and people are benefiting from it on a daily basis. The companies involved (PZ Cussons, Dangote Foods & NESTLE are using it to market their products. So if you like join and benefit, if you don’t like keep talking about it and keep listening to dogs in the manger like this guy who does not even the difference between MLM and Ponzi schemes.

    GNLD, FLP, etc. are MLM companies and they’ve been around for 25 – 30 years and they’ve not collapsed because they’re selling products. People are still making a living and wealth from them even as we speak.

  9. I love HWMG and willing to be part of it,it’s real,it’s happening life but the question is what if the chain is not complete and don’t know how to advertise on net?

  10. My concern is in every good mlm there’s a starter pack that gives you at least 60% products worth of your money. The welcome pack in this does not give upto 20%. Please clarify. Thanks

  11. Every good mlm has starter pack worth of 60% products for every new recruit. But in this you don’t get upto 20%. Please clarify. Thanks

  12. This write up got me thinking bcos I am already into it nd have introduced some friends into this netwking buz. I jus hope its real.

      1. My dear its so real, I have collected so much food stuff, its so so real. My phone number is 08166097562.

  13. All this you are saying isn’t making sense. Can someone from either of the companit’s state the truth about this, I have maku up my mind to go to zenith bank and register but with all these words am getting discouraged about it.

  14. Life is a risk. With #6500 as the only cash committed, it’s worth trying. I have not joined but, I will. I have lost 10000 sometime ago and I didn’t die. How do I join and how do I monitor my account?

  15. I am in kenya and i think happy world meal gate is a pyramid scheme that will soon come down the moment the the downlines are unabe to recruit new members

  16. We Dont Want to know whether its Ponzi or not. The Media cannot put a Halt to this action against Hunger. For the fact that people are benefiting makes it worthwhile. I am in stage 3 now going to four (4), just within 40 days. Tell me, if its not MLM, what then can it be called? The only fraudulent Business i knw of is one that has no trace, no office, no product and no contact with no impact. Please for those afraid, its obvious you are coming to spoil things when you join, so i advise you to stay off and let us continue with the good work. HWMG is only patronising NIGERIAN BRANDS to promote the NIGERIAN PRODUCTS and I think rather than these indigenous brands saying something else, they should keep shut and be glad their products are been utilized for just cause. I ask them “do you know how many foreign brands/companies that would love their products to be top on the list of HWMG?, If their so called products are removed from the list, what will be the graph of their daily, monthly and annual sales?”
    We will keep moving Higher untill EVERY HOME can afford THREE SQUARE MEALS a day. I am proud to put food on Someone’s Table, you nko?

    1. I love you bro and I want to meet up with you in stage 4.
      I’m in stage 2. just 5weeks ago I join.

  17. HWMG is not Ponzi scheme, but Network Marketing…there is a big difference. The business is real. Stop discouraging people who might wish to join.

  18. All well said. Life is all about risk. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I am already into HWMG and making progress too. Let me also correct this impression that it is for the less privileged, hungry and poor people. HWMG is for every well meaning human being ready to make a lasting impact in the lives of people around and within him/her.

  19. Mr page one, I donno wat ur ish is, u r always posting bad belle news to bring good tins down, if u r not interested in all dese tins, let pple who are rre ready to take risks do so, after all dem no beg u 4 money, if can’t help don’t discourage, u jst want to sell ur blog, sell it without pouring sand in pples garri, u r making ur moneyd way u know how, lets also do same 4 ourselves, biko. Who u epp?

  20. Hwmg is real. I’m already entering stage 2 and have collected soo much food stuffs. Im barely 3 weeks in the network, my up liner is already in stage 4 and has collected both cash and money. The biz is real, any interested person should please join. Life is all about risk, 6500 is not too much money to loose.

  21. I don’t know why Nigerians are bad and evil. When something good is about to manifest positively in our life, we give it names and meaning. Is like we don’t want anything good for ourselves in this country because we criticize so blindly. We have used our mouth and thoughts to kill MMM and others now this one again. I pray that God will cast out all evil dowers who did not want the masses to leave IJN. Please you messengers of Satan should be cast into the lake of fire IJN.

  22. The owner of this blog is just a whistle blower, he/she didnt even know the difference between Pozi and MLM. HWMG is real. I wanted the own of this blog to join my team, if not real I will return his money back for him

  23. If truely this HWMG is real, all the owner/companies should place public notice or advert like other companies does. Like the common saying life is all about risks. But be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. We with what i read so far my own contribution is that how long is this programe i know is very very real and if i want to join how would i do it and its compulsory for me to looking for downline before i benefited thanks

    1. Dear Adeleke,
      Thank you for your question,
      We suggest you thread with caution as for any scheme that require you to pay and get downlines.
      Do your research before committing any money. If it sounds too good to be true, it is not true.

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