Happy World Meal Gate is just a food pyramid scheme

Pyes international

Happy World Meal Gate is another pyramid scheme disguising as a charity organization providing food to the needy with investors contribution as the fund used to pay new investors.

The uniqueness of Happy World Meal Gate is nothing special as the scheme is only capitalising on the harsh economic condition and overtly-inflated food prices in the market.

Since the beginning of Nigeria’s recession various ponzi and pyramid scheme have surfaced promising people financial freedom, quick cash to get out of need and also become rich. However, the approach of Happy World Meal gate is to use the most soft approach to perpetrate a pyramid scheme that will get the most crowd.

With its messaging and branding Happy World Meal Gate seeks to target the most vulnerable and poor as well as millions of Nigerians who have been badly hit by the recession.

Instead of selling actual products through its affiliates, Happy World Meal Gate actually collect money from new members in Dollars (USD) with the promise that they will be compensated with food items and groceries and also cash benefits which are split between 40-60%.

While Happy World Meal Gate looks for supportive and compassionate to the poor, downtrodden and vulnerable, there are several red flags that shows that it is a mere pyramid scheme that will end up collapsing as recruitment dries up.

The first red flag is that Happy World Meal Gate has about six packages namely- Farms Gate, Green Gate, Golden Garden, Great Garden, Famous Garden and Food Bank. From the first package or stage (Farms garden), affiliates are required to pay a minimum of USD32. For a scheme that harps on its effort to fight hunger, poverty, malnutrition and disease, where will a poor individual get USD32 with the rate of hardship and poverty.

Also, the scheme puts pressure on such people to continue to recruit new members whose funds will be used to pay and buy food items for old investors. While Happy World Meal Gate describes itself as a “dynamic Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company”,it has no correlation with MLM. It does not produce the food items it distributes to its members neither are products produced for the scheme. The owners are basically using a bulk buying approach to get discounts.

However, a pyramid scheme analysts hinted that owners of the scheme do not need to know anything about the source of the product. They are simply getting their supplies from wholesalers. There are no guarantee that they will buy so cheap that they can make serious margin. She said their target is the recruitment fee paid by new investors who are then pressured to get new investors to get food and cash benefits.

There are no faces on the site as to who owns the scheme. That is a another red flag. There are pictures of people wearing branded t-shirt while presenting food items, however, there are no pictures, profile of people in charge.

The domain was created on the 27th of September, 2016. There are no details about who registered or owns the domain because it has been set to private.

The drill still remain the same. Do not deal with any supposed MLM company that cannot reveal who and who are responsible for the company. Happy World Meal Gate has an appealing proposition that people will easily fall for. However, it is a typical pyramid scheme that requires its members/investors to bring in more people. As soon its recruitment drive drops, the scheme will collapse faster than expected.

Owners of Happy World Meal Gate will always win because they are not using a dime of their monies. They are the ones on top of the pyramid enjoying all the goodies. Older members/investors will be the ones holding the empty bag.