AbcDonor ponzi scam is same of the same


The Ponzi scheme community has gone more creative with the creating of AbcDonor. With the flurry of schemes created everyday, owners have to get more creative to get a name.

However, AbcDonor is a ponzi scam just like hundreds of schemes that are causing financial losses to millions of Nigerians everyday.

There are no information on the site as to who owns the scheme. The site was registered on the 31st of January, 2016. This is in sharp contrast with the bogus claim of its owners that AbcDonor has existed “for many months without crashing”. There are no details about who owns it.

As a typical Ponzi scheme, investors are deceived that the scheme has been existing for long. Within three weeks of its startup, AbcDonor claimed it has over 14,015 investors. The scheme did not provide proof for this ‘impressive’ number.

To its investors, abcDonor tells them to Donate NGN10,000 to cash out NGN20,000. The scheme does not have any product and or services it renders other than paying its new investors with proceed of invested funds from new investors.

There are various slips and flops that shows that abcDonor is a mere scam that will render its investors penniless by the time it collapse.

For a scheme that was registered on the 31st of January, claiming to have over 14,000 investors is not only bogus but dubious. Investors are given the impression that the scheme is supposedly popular and they will be willing to part with their money.

The scheme also published series of names on its ‘one-pager’ site. It claimed they are top referrers. There are no checks and balances as to who and who these individuals are. A ponzi scheme analyst who reviewed the names and its patterns said that the list are not genuine names but randomly created with some few real names tucked in-between.

The scheme is also run by faceless people who are not bold enough to expose their identities. Any financial services provider that does not reveal the identities of its people should not be trusted.

There are no guarantees that you will get your money back should abcDonor collapse anytime it is not able to get new investors into the scheme. As a typical Ponzi scheme, owners of the scam are the ones sitting on top of all funds coming into the system.