My Liberty Family pyramid scheme review

Liberty Family

My Liberty Family is a pyramid  scheme disguised a multi-level marketing programme.

In the words of its owners whom are unknown to anyone except themselves, My Liberty Family is:

“is a real but virtual family founded by a group of men and women to improve social well being of all family members irrespective of their race, religion, location, gender and status”.

As the products and services, My Liberty Family has no product and or services it sell. The scheme has three groups, what it refer to as families with the respective ‘family trees’. They are MLF Jacob Tree™, MLF Isaac Tree™, MLF Abraham Tree™.

It owners also rejected the labelling of My Liberty Family as an MLM. In their lengthy sales pitch posted on their site, the owners of the scheme said:

“It is of no use trying to liken MLF to another MLM. My Liberty Family was born out of the concern and care to help Nigerians find the financial assistance they need to do the business they want to do and create job opportunities for many others”.

Using a complex structure and process of sign ups, there are two different packages which can fall under different ‘family trees’.

Option 1 is what they called the ‘default option. The owners claimed that members who do not intend to ‘introduce three (3) persons to the platform.

Option 2 is for members who want to grow a big family tree. They will need to ‘introduce three (3) persons to the platform’.

To ginger potential members into option for ‘Option 2’, My Family Life promises all members who opt for the package a total of NGN10 million approximated to ‘(₦9,837,000)’.

There are no details about the owners of the scheme. There is no doubt that its owners are not Nigerian nor based in Nigeria. The site gets over 92% of its traffic from Nigeria. A search on its domain details shows that site was registered on the 13th of October, 2016.

Because the scheme has already garnered much membership, the site is already in top 700 websites in Nigeria. This puts its average monthly visitors to over 50,000.

The owners have also set the domain to private which means no one can be held responsible should anything go wrong with the scheme.

My Liberty Family is just another pyramid scheme that will surely collapse. No matter the sanctimonious descriptions given to its by its ‘faceless owners’.

There are red flags all over its claim as an anti-poverty scheme, entrepreneurship and at the same time a peer to peer donation scheme. Partying with money to anyone that does not have a face is a recipe for disaster. If any scheme is not bold enough to disclose who runs it, then the scheme cannot be trusted.

My Liberty Life will surely collapse and leave many people holding the empty bag.