Supernaira ponzi scam comes with bogus returns

Wealth arena

Supernaira, another ponzi scheme that will blow up has surfaced on the Internet.

For those who are not disturbed, and should in case you are one the lovers of Ponzi schemes who want to cash out fast, Supernaira is the place for you.

Supernaira said on its well designed website that members can “Earn 200% from 5 minutes”. Along the line in its sales pitch, the maximum number of hours is 2 hours.

How its owners plan to get this kind of ridiculous returns is not stated on the site. It is a typical Ponzi scheme that pays early investors with proceeds from new investors. At the end of the day, new investors who come in late are the ones who will hold the empty bag.

A search on the ownership of Supernaira shows nothing. The owners of the scheme have hidden their identities. As the drill goes ‘when a financial services company cannot disclose who runs the show, it is a scam’ and will leave people with financial losses.

The site was created on the 11th of February, 2017. The domain name was registered with NAMECHEAP INC. A review of its traffic source on Alexa traffic shows that 79.6% of its visitors are Nigerians.

To make its operations look legitimate, Supernaira has what it calls ‘beggars’ list’. The list is publicly displayed on the site. According to the scheme owners, ‘beggars’ are people who try to ‘defraud’ other investors in the scheme by using various means such as uploading fake payment evidence and outright manipulations.

A Ponzi Scheme analyst told us that its ‘beggars’ list’ is a pure hogwash and people should not see that as a sign that Supernaira is genuine. According to the analyst, a financial services company must be registered with the appropriate regulators. There faces, names and address must be known. Anything short of that is a fraud.

The collapse of Supernaira will come quicker than expected because of its unrealistic returns. An analyst warned that people will be caught unawares the time and day the scheme will implode.