Investors lose millions to Loopers Club, wipes out all records


Less than 24 hours after it crashed, Loopers Club has given its investors the big shock they never expected.

The site came back online but it has deleted all records of its investors. Owners of Loopers club have told its investors/members that they have to invest new funds.

An angry investor who has lost undisclosed amount to the scam said:

“Registered and paid someone on Sunday 12/2/17. Had difficulty logging in all through Monday. Eventually on Monday evening/night, the site let me log in asking me to update my details. I have just updated my deets. Upon doing so I saw a dialog box that read, start a new loop, ‘you are required to start a new loop within next Days or your account will be deleted.”

Another victim said “Pls support help me out. I registered in the morning. Assigned to pay someone. I paid but couldn’t upload for confirmation because the site was down. I couldn’t assess the site again. Pls do something for I have evidence of the payment I made since morning.”

An analyst told that many other victims will not speak out because of the embarrassment that comes with being scammed. Many more victims are expected to fall prey to this and many other scams gaining huge popularity on the Internet. He said since the government and financial authorities are not stopping them through any means, they will continue to come until people’s greed and appetite wane.

The owners of the site have since denied that there is problem. Their unofficial statement was that they went on a routine maintenance. While this is normal for Internet companies. it is typical of ponzi schemes. Naija Help, Givers Forum and MMM United all went on maintenance. They came back only to scam all their members.

Loppers Club might not recover from the damage to its image. However, the people who will lose more are its victims who must have lost millions of their hard earned money to the scam.

Moreover, with much propaganda machinery at their disposal, owners of Loopers Club are likely to survive the image disaster. Several blogs owned and run by affiliates of these types of schemes are well visited with ‘juicy’ stories about how these schemes are the best investment vehicle for anyone.