NEPI and Rockcastle agree on merger deal

Julius Baer

Nepi and Rockcastle have announced a merger deal to their respective investors and shareholders.

In a statement released to their shareholders, the two companies said their businesses will merge into an entity newly-incorporated in the Isle of Man to be called NEPI Rockcastle PLC.

The transaction will be implemented on the basis of an effective share swap ratio of 4.5 Rockcastle shares for 1 NEPI share.

It is anticipated that circulars regarding the Transactions, a prospectus for NewCo and notices of general meetings of shareholders will be distributed to NEPI and Rockcastle shareholders before 30 April 2017.

The general meetings of shareholders are anticipated to take place during May 2017, with the Transactions implemented and NewCo listed on the JSE by the end of June 2017. NewCo intends listing on Euronext Amsterdam as soon as practicably possible following listing on the JSE.

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