Trippleup ponzi scam is launching in 30 minutes

trippleup ponzi

Falling behind their own schedule, the owners of Trippleup Ponzi Scheme will finally be opening the site for new members in the next 30 minutes.

One Solomon Mba wrote a very convincing sales pitch for Trippleup on one of the most popular Ponzi scam aggregators. A writer for said Trippleup is just proposing what its name is. Any member or investor or what have you can get triple of whatever amount they put into the scheme.

For its worth, this new Ponzi Scheme is backed by some ‘cool’ guys who are not only good in design but good in the art of presentation. The homepage is typical of all the legitimate payment and finance startup.

By the time the racketeering starts today, Trippleup will enchant ponzi scheme addicts who want to cash in and cash out fast.

But the lifespan of Trippleup will not be long and the owners do not mind. In less than a month after their creation. Claritta and CitiFund have already scammed many people, running away with million.

However, ‘morale is still very much high’.

The seemingly-gross fortune made by Chuddy Anayo Ugorji, Ernest Mbanefo and many other scammers in MMM Nigeria and beyond has justified the mantra get ‘rich quick or die whining’.

Trippleup is hosted in Nigeria and will most likely get 100% of its racketeering and victims from Nigeria.

In the last 12 months Nigeria has become a Haven for Ponzi schemes. While many have attributed it to the harsh economic conditions in the country, some Ponzi Scheme analysts said it is largely symptomatic of the nuances and complex of everything Nigeria.

4 thoughts on “Trippleup ponzi scam is launching in 30 minutes

  1. Let us stop deceiving ourselves that the operators of ponzi scheme don’t have central account but they have multiple accounts that they send to participants from different states. They made huge money and disappeared. Just of recent a boy was arrested by EFCC operative because his accounts were being credited with #100000s and within 4 days got 45000000millions. Please beware of this tricks and don’t fall victim again (shine your eyes)

  2. yes my brother they have multiple accounts i was a victim of one called smoothcashers they blocked my acc after payment so i hv to re open another i was merged to pay someone i asked the person some questions when she called and she refused to answer most and she never called again….. the owners has multiple accts..
    MMM and NNN is the best for anyone

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