Trippleup ponzi scam is launching big today


As monitored on one of the Ponzi scheme aggregators, Trippleup, has been promoted to launch today.

According to the owners who have not revealed their identities, one of the unique selling point of Trippleup is the claim that members can eradicate online beggars.

In the parlance of Ponzi scheme owners, ‘online beggars’ are dubious members who do not pay a paired member but use various tactics to get confirmed, thereby defrauding the receiving member.

Trippleup promise to have a button that members can click to simply delete online beggars and they are automatically be paired with another member willing to invest in the scheme.

As to how it arrives at the algorithm that determines the pairing, Trippleup promoters did not explain. The owners in the sales pitch also bragged about the strength of technology in the back end of the site. Without proofs, they claim the site will be hosted by a dedicated server accommodate ‘over 30 million active subscribers’.

Owners of Trippleup are also looking to make the site ‘https’ encryption. In their words ‘Your secrete is safe with us . this domain is data’s are clouded so we do not’ lose data.

There is no doubt that Trippleup is owned by a Nigerian. The owners revealed in their sales pitch that they are hosted by Whogohost, a local hosting provider based in Lagos, Nigeria. One Solomon Mba who published the sales pitch is likely the owner of the scam. However, the domain has been set to private, so the owners of the site are not going to be revealing their own identities to be the ‘safer side’.

While forgetting that they initially claimed they are just a social financial network, its faceless owners bragged that as a ‘financial institution’ their customer support is available to members 24/7.

To make matters worse, late last year TrippleIt, a similar scam had collapsed. It is very much likely that Trippleup is owned by the same people.

On the bottom line, there is no doubt that this is not a scam. There are many red flags flying in the air about its entire structure.

There are no face, address and regulation behind it. Trippleup is not any different from collapsed MMM Nigeria scam. With an exit strategy now shorter than ever, Trippleup owners are not going to be running the site for a long time. The last set of investors will always be the ones holding the empty bags.