Tough times for Greenbay, 2016 loss rose to GBP3.7 million


Greenbay  has just posted gross revenue of GBP1.0 million for the last quarter of 2016 compared to GBP20, 630 recorded same period in fiscal year 2015.

The company recorded operating loss widened to GBP3.7 million compared to GBP238 022 recorded same period 2015.

Green Bay equity holders also recorded Loss of  GBP3.6 million in 2016 compared to loss of GBP247 200 posted in 2015.

The company shares dropped to GBP0.07 pence per share in contrast to GBP1.30 pence per share recorded in 2015.

Company Profile

Greenbay has been established with the primary objective of investing in global real estate assets and listed companies, predominantly in the retail sector.

Physical property investments are focused on retail assets across Europe and the United Kingdom. Greenbay targets properties with strong sustainable income from high quality tenants with strong likelihood of renewal of leases on expiry.

Greenbay’s listed portfolio is well diversified with a focus on real estate and infrastructure investments.

Greenbay has a primary listing on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd (“SEM”) and a secondary listing on the Alternative Exchange (“AltX”) of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Ltd (“JSE”). It invests in global direct and listed real estate as well as in listed infrastructure companies.

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