Claritta ponzi scam collapses, thousands lose millions


Claritta, one of the popular Ponzi scheme that came after the death of MMM Nigeria has collapsed.

The site disappeared into thin air with thousands of investors losing money to the scammers behind the scheme.

No reason has been attributed to the disappearance of Claritta but its watchers suggest the scammers have had a filled day already. They also suggested that Ponzi scheme must have reached the mathematical wall when the number of people putting money into the scam is less than the number bringing money in.

By estimate, more than 20,000 people must have hundreds of lost millions of Naira (NGN) to Claritta scammers whom up till now are faceless and they cannot be identified.

Very similar to its other bedfellows, Claritta is currently telling its investors that it is under maintenance. The site is expected to open but will not pay its investors such as the case of MM Nigeria.

There is no doubt that Claritta is owned by a Nigerian. A search on shows that over 98% of its vistors are from Nigeria. A ponzi scheme analyst told that Claritta is owned by profiteers of MMM Nigeria and other related scams that have made away with billions of Naira in the last one year.

To disguise their identities, the owners of the scam made sure they hide their details by setting the domain registration to private. The only details known about its source is that FASTDOMAIN, INC. is the domain company where the name was created.

Claritta server unreachable as at 2017-02-09 18:59:23 UTC

The lifespan of Claritta is also very short as the site was only registered in late January “Creation Date: 30-jan-2017”. It is therefore instructive that owners of ponzi scams will no longer use the long term strategy of MMM Nigeria that lasted for almost a year before they cashed out of the scheme leaving investors with empty bags.

As an update, Claritta has come back online, but it might disappear anytime without notice to its members.