Claritta ponzi scam collapses, thousands lose millions


Claritta, one of the popular Ponzi scheme that came after the death of MMM Nigeria has collapsed.

The site disappeared into thin air with thousands of investors losing money to the scammers behind the scheme.

No reason has been attributed to the disappearance of Claritta but its watchers suggest the scammers have had a filled day already. They also suggested that Ponzi scheme must have reached the mathematical wall when the number of people putting money into the scam is less than the number bringing money in.

By estimate, more than 20,000 people must have hundreds of lost millions of Naira (NGN) to Claritta scammers whom up till now are faceless and they cannot be identified.

Very similar to its other bedfellows, Claritta is currently telling its investors that it is under maintenance. The site is expected to open but will not pay its investors such as the case of MM Nigeria.

There is no doubt that Claritta is owned by a Nigerian. A search on shows that over 98% of its vistors are from Nigeria. A ponzi scheme analyst told that Claritta is owned by profiteers of MMM Nigeria and other related scams that have made away with billions of Naira in the last one year.

To disguise their identities, the owners of the scam made sure they hide their details by setting the domain registration to private. The only details known about its source is that FASTDOMAIN, INC. is the domain company where the name was created.

Claritta server unreachable as at 2017-02-09 18:59:23 UTC

The lifespan of Claritta is also very short as the site was only registered in late January “Creation Date: 30-jan-2017”. It is therefore instructive that owners of ponzi scams will no longer use the long term strategy of MMM Nigeria that lasted for almost a year before they cashed out of the scheme leaving investors with empty bags.

As an update, Claritta has come back online, but it might disappear anytime without notice to its members.

142 thoughts on “Claritta ponzi scam collapses, thousands lose millions

  1. its 8days now that I have donated I have not been match to receive my donations back. I don’t understand what is happening

  2. The same thing happened to me when i was trying to login into my account and i got barred… i just hope it’s not a scam because na one chance we don enter so oooo

  3. I am also a victim I opened 2 acct but was not paid even one what of d 16 persons I introduced and they have made payment na me dem go blame now o

  4. A Peer to Peer is not a guaranteed venture.

    Its not CBN or any government agency

    Always take calculated risk because its a 50-50 game.

    partake in those schemes that do not carry higher risk…….. so when pH turns down, u won’t start having hypertension.

    Nigerians do ponzi with spare money ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. dear claritta,its true u have made away with my money and made me loose the trust my friends had for me buh its ok even if u dnt com brk, go u can go with our money……buh this countinuous scam isnt gona mk u any good..adiu claritta adiu my money…am daam feedup

  6. Hello admin. I have a issue here with calaritta platform, for the past 3 day ago, I was unable to login my account. Pls admin I have people waiting at they I will like to refer them On these plaform

  7. I just pay somebody,after I upload my proof of payment the parson didn’t confirm it. The next day what I see is that I’m bared from login in to my account.

  8. Why are nigerians so quick to judge did u guys ever try to knw d meaning of error 523 its just a host problem and I believed they were trying hard to make d site a very strong one which they have achieved….you all. Can now login to your claritta accounts CLARRITA IS NOW OPEN FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM

  9. claritta is a scam, its 2weeks nw n no payment. all d persons dat we paid 2 are their agents, cnt u see, u can pay bt nt receive.

  10. I am short of words because MMM fresh wound is still unhealed up. See me here again because of financial reasons, I registered last week Friday, I registered like 8people but only one was paid #1500 today out or the promised #6000.Other people are blaming me, asking for their money. Clarita, this is unfair. Why can’t you have customer care line and reply instantly via our mobile number?

  11. From Claritta:

    “The Claritta website was recently the target of a massive Denial of Service Attack apparently launched by a few unscrupulous members of the Ultimate Cycler Network. Their purpose in attacking our Community was to prevent Claritta from completely siphoning members away from Ultimate Cycler, but thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Claritta members who selflessly gave of their time and expertise, they were unable to bring down the website, and in addition to this, the Claritta website has been moved to a Dedicated, High Speed, DDoS-Proof Website Hosting Service.

    We the Claritta technical team are extremely grateful to those Claritta members who freely and happily gave of their time, knowledge, and expertise towards ensuring that the Claritta website stayed online, and who insited on and assisted in moving the Claritta Website to a more capable Hosting Service. Thank you and May God Bless You.”

  12. I think claritta is still paying cos i just received donation from all the people i was merged with today. Even tho it took them 14 days to match me instead of the proclaimed 7days. Be informed.

  13. I see! I hv observed that dis platform is a scam. when they.will block ur acct. I thought I was d only they block after payment. Anybody u pay is theitlr agent. pls run ooooo. I will continue to share my experience with other unless they return my hard earned money.

  14. the fastest way to kill things in these country is media and how claritta will continue moving forward if people are complainin ……..and the more people join the scheme the more people will get there money ……..i was paid #3000 yesterday out #6000 dou i dnt expect d moni bt i guess some still believe in dis scheme…….i think if people so use their thought to discourage others

  15. I donated 1500 and referred 5 persons its 11 days now i have not received a dime. If claritta says 7 days let their 7 days be 7 days.

  16. I think it’s taking more time to get matched though… I got matched today, i’m still waiting for the people to pay me.

  17. It pays its not just seven days as said . Just be patient and its a risk so its 50/50 you might not get all but you all will definately be paid something just chill you will get the call when you least expect it. It has happend to me twice …#Bepatient .

  18. Mine must be paid and dat of my downliners under pressure. It must be release to me. Claritta arise and shine where ever u are be real so u could have more people out of a thousand u hav seen registered wit u dey are stil ten thousand at would want to registered so y de delay

  19. It is 14 days today since i donated, i have not been matched for payments. Even those i referred have not been paid. Pls is there any hope?

  20. Haha..if na Clarita that one na in God’s hand like MMM(am a witness) . At least I have covered 6times in twinkas. Twinkas still rockS like mad. Please before you invest read peoples comments on Tuesdays before investing Into any ponzi. It cuD be a pOnzi U have interest in might require referAl. .make sure u cite ur referral. If possible refer Sumone. This is secret to quick payment before their stipulated date. God bless twinks as it rocks for me.

  21. Claritta is working perfectly and it pays, if you have not been paid it might be due to the person paired to pay to you who have not paid, so be patient claritta is stable, earlier this month they where login issue because it was being transferred to a safer domain host because of malicious cyber attacks aimed at crippling it, but we are grateful they where no successful.
    form more inquiries contact me at
    Donate N1,500, Get N6,000 in 7
    days time.
    Join Claritta, Nigeria’s Member-
    to-Member Donation and
    Referral Platform.

      1. please pay me my money. i donated #3000 for two members since february 15 and 16 2017 and i also refereed people in my office to join, now they are at my neck asking of there money. please clarritta pay me my money.

  22. I see this as game of investment gain or lose, some join today and received their paid the following day, some pending are still waiting, I believe they are paying be patient.

  23. I have made my donation since on the 4th feb 2017,uptil this moment i have not be matched to received my money.i even referred 3 people who have each paid and have been confirmed

  24. i registered since on 2nd of February donated money and was confirmed yet i have not been matched to received any payment i have also referred some one to claritta but no payment what is really happening is this claritta real

  25. Pls admin do something about delaying people payment , some people will register now and got their money while some even 3 weeks have past and yet no but actually is yard stick of matching people ,i think first come first serve

  26. letz all still have hope because according to our comments, we are giving them the hapertizer to run with our money so let not just give hope on them rather let compliment them and see whether they can have the courage to pay us

  27. No body has ever get paid on pls warn people on every platform u know, Facebook, WhatsApp, bbm, Instagram and more , it’s a very big scam draining from the poor Nigerians, even their support email won’t reply you.

    1. Bro Y u spreading fake nnews
      Am a testimony of Wich is nw ,chnged yesday cos it was attacked by virus, claritta paid mi more dan 20k minus my strt up if 3k cos I did two donations, all d pple I refered got paid for exact 6k, yesday I also received payment frm d pple I refered, Clarita rocks u all are jst spreading Fke rumors, u bad mouthers are d reason Mmm got dead, always spreading Fke news

    2. You are very right.

      Right now i am going to broadcast to all SNS that they are scammers. If you get paid in Claritta, its either you are one of the lucky participants or you are one of the site owners. Period!

      I can categorically say that out of a thousand members, they only pay about 5 people and settle themselves with the rest of our money. That is 1 in every 200 people. How lucky can you be to get paid in Claritta?

  28. Claritta is wrkn fyn Nw I jst logged in dis mint it was attacked b4 buh Na it has been moved too ND it’s still paying Nn also new format has been added, up claritta,

  29. Kudos on this great article.

    I have long personally advocated that the only genuine and legitimate way to make money online is not through any of this ponzi schemes because they will always collapse, no matter how well-meaning and sincere its operators may be.

  30. Know other ponzi scheme can be compared to claritta because I got my payment today. So guys keep donating on claritta together we will change the world.

  31. claritta pays very well..
    I got paid today and was matched also to many people to pay me…
    it was a miracle
    fear not clarrita still pays very well..

  32. kudos to you guys……..for jobs well done,i registered since on the 8thfeb i was confirm by my unline and uptill now av not even be matched talkless of to get paid for about 15 refferals under mi………you guys should pls help mi cuz my downlines are@my neck na beg we day beg……..even diz morning it refuse to open i don tire!……

  33. Can’t Login My Acct On Claritta, It Tells Me Invalid Username When Its Correct.
    I Knw Nd Hv Faith That D Site Won’t Shut Down On Me Nd My Frnds/family, Admin I Need Feedback. Tnks

  34. Hello is that is a scam. I have 2 account but this is d 11th day I paid but nothing to show for it. I dey abeg dem make dem release my money na corpa wey I abi. Na from my #19800 I bring am.

  35. Pls help me,I’m in trouble I register over 10days now no payment Username vickyboi and Eunicebaby plsssss oooo…

  36. Is almost 4wks have not been paid.I registers feb4.2017 paid my sponsor same day.most annoying,hv emailed them twice and they did not respond. Bcos of this action the person I referred and registered hs refuse to pay sponsor

  37. Pls i registered on 10th of Feb because of the network problem I was confirmed on the 12th of Feb with 16 down lines and I have not receive a dime from Claritta my down lines are after me.

  38. I joined a day ago,but I don’t know if I have been confirmed even though I have made 2 donations.

  39. claritta i think it is a scam becoz over 2 weeks i registered and made donation i hv not been marched to receive a dimme but my account opens i can login to my account.

  40. good for u all, u guys don’t want to work n earn money, instead u want quick money , d one u did not labour for. greedy minds. even after what mmm did, u did not learn lesson . May God have mercy on all of u

  41. It could it be a scam? I made 3 donations on d 8th and 9th of feb. Till today, 4th March. No match.

  42. Yes it now takes more than 7 days, sometimes 2 weeks plus but claritta still pays. For my first donation, I was matched to reccieve payments within four days. The second donation took 18 days before I was matched. So in the long run claritta still pays. I have made another donation that I know I will surely be matched to recieve payments for. Bloggers, stop discouraging people from these platforms thereby killing the platforms by raising false alarm. You wouldn’t like it and your blog will definitely die if some people starts spreading rumour and telling people not to visit your blog because everything you write are lies. Doo your findings properly before writing.

  43. Of course it has crashed big time, we are just waiting for the site to stop opening. I paid N1,500 and waited for more than 14 days (even though they said 7 days), nothing happened. On the third week, i decided to donate for the second time. Guess what, I was matched to pay one fellow N1,500 and the fellow called in less than 12 hours to demand for payment.

    Question is this — why are there no issues when it is time to pay them? The only time we get issues is when it is their turn to pay. That is when you hear stories like maintenance,restart and site upgrade.

    Even the person that called to demand for payment sounded like a guru in Claritta and was trying to explain why it was taking longer than it was stated in the website to pay its members. That was when i realized i have been matched to pay one of the owners of the website.

  44. Hello would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re using? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most. Can you suggest a good hosting provider at a reasonable price? Many thanks, I appreciate it!

  45. claritta i wish u to pay all client on ur network…..i was part of d guys dat was to be paid ,till date no one paid,never even matched…..please pay

  46. Claritta is till paying guys. I just received my money in some weeks time. The system is fast match to match u wit someone that refuses to pay. Claritta keep up the good works.

  47. Claritta why now, why are u behaving like this? i registered myself in two places, 2 ppl just paid me and nothing more. I referred 11 ppl, no one has been paid, they are on my neck now, pls do something, even mine is over two weeks now, they just wrote there pending pending pending, till when pls?

  48. I’ve made a donation since 8th feb and av not been matched to receive up till now, pls i hope you pay me soon

  49. eeee ya!!! sory ohh..
    i registered twice and i also refer 2 people. as im speaking with u here. i receive just 1500and the other ones are on pending since early february. i thinks its a scam. mmm menbers organises this to dupe us

  50. Pls Admin I just registered I have refer someone hope what these people are saying it’s not true because I won’t be able to help it.

  51. i think this is to bad if they did nt meet up their promises. Is getting to one month i registered, payed and confirmed yet they have not match anyone to pay me.

  52. life is more dan dis …2 mk success is not in an hurry, if claritta wanna mk more money den u keep paying odas. dnt use people’s money to prosper u will die yonga. .pls I referred 6 persons yet none ave been paid even me…

    CLARITTA WHY??????

  53. What should I use as a proof that I have paid to the person I’m being matched to? Should I snap d receipt and upload it or what?

  54. Claritta,since feb 16th I paid oo and I haven’t been matched till now talkless of being paid…even the people I referred too are complaining…why are u fucking up na.



  57. 15 days now still no referer bonus or my earnings paid, pls claritta do something, sent an email no one is replying

  58. The truth is dat I provided help of #1500 each to two Claritta members since thurs 22 February but till now so sign of matching. MMM wounds are still there…hope claritta won’t fail us. But pls all aggrieved members shld let encourage new members to join as a catalyst for our pending payments… Let keep Praying while admins also do something.

  59. A foolish man and his money will depart together,stop wasting ur money on Ponzi….any free money is dangerous, learn how to take a reasonable risk and not a Ponzi risk,little drops of water makes a mighty ocean,most of this Ponzi website are created by people who has lost so much into mmm and trying to use fools like u as compensation….to all d Ponzi Admin,Well-done sirrrr..”in falz voice”lol

  60. it berly a month since a donated but not yet pair with anyone to pay me claritta should do something about this.

  61. exactly two week three days now of making donation; I haven been march with anyone to received from there no doubt we have been scam.

  62. The terms read: get #6000 by making a donation of #1500 in one week. So what’re we now saying???

    I can’t blame you those speak good of them. Birds of the same feather flock 2gether. U’re all scammers who run it 2geda.

    I’d made #3000 donation since feb. 17 2017 but not matched.

    Hope lost already! Fuck U Claritta

  63. When you make donation, no qualm. To receive the story start, if website not okay the network will be bad. I’ve made donation since on 27th of feb, and i suppose to get pay on 6th of march, today is 17th now, i’ve not been matched let alone pay. Even my downliner not got pay and my referral earning still pending. What annoyed me most, i mailed them thrice, nobody is replying my message which is very bad, they don’t have contact number let alone speak to their customer care which is very bad. I don’t blame them but our leaders, because if the country economy is ok, nobody will be looking for online wonder bank. Atleast there must be reason why you invest your money on this kind of thing, and it won’t speak well if you’re not getting the money at hand in time, too bad claritta!!

  64. I just hope they pay me I made two donations and I’m re ally broke ,clarritta just show love abeg

  65. is a fraud site.I paid out to one Moses Oriatosie since February 4th in hope of getting returns in the next 7 days as claimed,but up till now March 22nd no matching with whom to pay me.Nigerians, lots of mean people out there are capitalizing on the state of the nation to dupe people desperate to get out of recession.

  66. I made payment to three person since February 28 and I even refer one person till now I ve not been match, and they are still telling me that I have not refer. This was my first online biz and I pray dis should be d last. Shame to claritta and wat so ever they call them self

  67. dis is month n some week since I invest on claritta but till now nothing to match or whatever

  68. I have made eight different donation to persons i was matched to donates to…
    on the 16/2/2017, 18/2/2017, 19/2/2017, 8/3/2017 on the 9/3/2017 I made three donations, and on the 10/3/2017 I also made another donation …surprisingly up till this date I have not been matched to receive any payment . but if I try to donate again the match me to pay to someone of which mine non of my donations have been match ….if the system isn’t working again there should do exactly as mmm did to inform their participants on what is actually going on.

  69. its 2months now that I have donated I have not been match to receive my donations back. I don’t understand what is happening Claritta owner. Will surely meet God. In no time there career will crash o

  70. I have made two donations xactly three weeks ago and have been matched to two people to receive payment over a week now, nothing is forthcoming. Pls Claritta pay me my money

  71. I have donate since February 16th up till now have not been matched. Does this claritta still exist?

  72. I made a donation of 3000 on febuary 15 till now i never collect anything and i register 18 peoples. non of them hv collect too, they even thinging i shop they are money. what can i do? all my riferal bonus just they pending. 12 riferal wichs 4500 *12.

  73. I made a donation of 3000 on febuary 15 till now i never collect anything and i register 18 peoples. non of them hv collect too, they even thinging i shop they are money. what can i do? all my riferal bonus just they pending. 12 riferal wichs 4500 *12. I was only be paid sum of 6000

  74. dis platform is a 419 platform bcos I got matched with people not payment , den I called d people i ws matched with they said they don’t knw dis Fuckin platform. claritta type fake numbers nd names

  75. me I paid since February and I didn’t receive anything but if I press make donation I will see people am to pay to is it not painful

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