Primero, Lagos bus rapid transport operator increase fares

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Primero Transport Service, the body managing Lagos Bus Rapid Transport BRT recently hinted that the price of fares will be hiked slightly this month.

The reason for the ”marginal” increase according to the company is as a result of rising costs, diesel price inflation and other operational costs. They are also investing in technology in a bid to improve service quality and improve speed which comes at a cost, perhaps foreign loans in dollars which has increased due to the crash of the Naira.

In order to also retain its patronage, the company assured commuters that the cost would not be as high as the regular commercial buses.

What then will this change portend for the commuters who on a regular basis take the BRT buses to get to their various destinations? Frankly speaking, it is perhaps time to adjust to the reality of the present Nigeria.

It should also be said that the BRT buses have helped commuters with the rates at which they charge compared to the regular buses. For instance, the BRT buses chargea fare of N75, N120, and N195 from Ikorodu to Mile 12, Fadeyi, and CMS, respectively, where ordinarily you would be paying more.

The reality of today is that prices of virtually everything has gone up, companies are looking for ways to meet up with their operating cost, and yet provide quality service.

Although Fola Tinubu, managing director of Primero Transport Services in his interview with newsmen did not state the actual prices, the public expects a reasonable amount as he as promised.

“So, it is going to be something manageable for people. I will try not to put a figure to that now because the governor still has to approve it, and I don’t want to pre-empt him.

“What I can say is that it’s going to be a marginal increase and not a drastic increase and still less than what the commercial bus operators are charging right now.

“We are not even going to be close to that; but there is no other solution to it because if we do not, it is going to be recipe for disaster down the road,” Tinubu said.

This is another call on the federal government to get working on policies to assuage the sufferings of the Nigerian people. Salaries are not being increased and prices of things are on the rise.

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