Yusuf Mohamed, Independent non-executive Director, Blue Label Telecoms

Independent Non-Executive Director

B Pharm (UDW) and an MSc (Pharm Tech) from Chelsea College, University of London

Born: 1953

Yusuf Mahomed is chair of the Cell C Foundation, which is responsible for Cell C Proprietary Limited’scorporate social investment initiatives. He is also a director of Legend Power Solutions Proprietary Limited, and he is alternate director of Avon Peaking Power Proprietary Limited and Dedisa Peaking Power Proprietary Limited. His previous directorships include Cell C Proprietary Limited, Siemens Proprietary Limited and Ubambo Investment Holding Proprietary Limited. He is a former member of the South African Pharmacy Council. Yusuf is one of the founder members of 3 C Telecommunications, Cellsaf and Cell C Proprietary Limited.

He also serves as a director of Cigicell Proprietary Limited, a subsidiary of the Blue Label Telecoms Group.


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