Lawrence L Nestadt, Independent non-executive chair, Blue Label Telecoms

Independent Non-Executive Chair

Member of the Remuneration and Nomination committee

Born: 1950

A respected senior member of the South African business community, Larry Nestadt joined the Blue Label Telecoms board upon its foundation in 2007. He is an astute strategist, and has over 40 years’ corporate experience both in South Africa and abroad. Larry is a co-founder and former executive director of Investec Bank Limited. He has assisted in the creation and strategic development of a number of listed companies such as Capital Alliance Holdings Limited, Super Group Limited, Hosken Consolidated Investments Limited, SIB Holdings Limited and Global Capital Limited. He has served as board chair for each of these companies.

Larry has also served on the board of directors of Softline Limited, JCI Limited and Abacus Technologies Holdings Limited. He is a former director of a number of non-listed companies, internationally and locally, including Stenham Limited (UK) and Prefsure Life Limited (Aus). Currently, Larry holds various directorships and is executive chair of Global Capital Proprietary Limited, and chair of Melrose Motor Investments, MoreCorp Group Proprietary Limited, SellDirect Marketing Proprietary Limited and National Airways Corporation Proprietary Limited.

Larry joined the Board on its establishment in 2007. As a respected senior member of the South African business community, his strategic vision, guidance and experience contribute significantly to the Board and its deliberations.


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