Abi Akingboye, CEO, 3A Auction House

Abi Akingboye is the CEO of 3A Auction House, the only general auction house operating out of Nigeria.

With a degree in Human Resource Management and Business Studies from Middlesex University and a mind for excellence, he has managed a teeming group of companies: the 3A Group, consisting of a travel company, an experiential events arm and now, an auction house.

With his international experience in project management, Abi Akingboye comes with a solution-driven vision to provide safe options for every day people, all while revolutionizing the level of service delivery in his spheres of influence.

Abi Akingboye is a well-travelled individual who has mastered the skill of human management, harnessing a team of qualified individuals to go above and beyond expectation in customer service and efficiency.
He is happily married to Ayeesha Abi-Akingboye and together; they run 3A Enterprises in Nigeria and the UK.

About 3A Auction House
3A Auction House is the number one and only general auction House in Nigeria offering up a wide range of residential, commercial properties, vehicles and other possessions on behalf of both private individuals and corporate clients from investment properties and vacant houses to building plots and repossessed properties.

At 3A Auction House, we bridge the gap between financial houses or individuals who desire to do away with stocks (repossessed houses and forfeited assets) and individuals who desire to purchase said assets and properties below market value, within an accelerated period. The platform we offer creates a partnership between both ends by helping to sell their assets at a faster rate rather than the option of them lying fallow, depleting much needed funds.

Buying items at a 3A Auction will not only provide bidders with safer options to purchasing luxury items and high end goods, but also ensure that they get said goods at the best prices possible, below market value! The properties in question are run through a detailed vetting process with the Nigerian government bodies involved to ensure the safety of the buyer’s interests.

If there ever was a time to buy properties and other luxury items in Nigeria, that time is now with the current state of the economy, when purchases are guaranteed to be value for money!

A 3A Auction is always a good idea, because with us, every bid counts.

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