Michael (Motty) Sacks,IENDP Founder,ACT

Motty has more than 45 years’ experience as a consultant, advisor and mentor to numerous local and foreign companies and executives. He has also held Executive and Non-executive office in various business sectors, including healthcare, financial services, technology, education, property and manufacturing. Motty was a co-founder of Netcare Limited, having served as its Executive Chairperson for 12 years and thereafter as Non-executive Chairperson and Non-executive Director. Motty was also a co-founder and Chairperson of Aplitec limited (now net 1) and is the co-founder and mentor to AfroCentric. Motty has served as Chairperson and/or Director on several Boards including, Fedsure Holdings, Federated Employers Mutual, The Automobile Association, Clinic Holdings, Advtech Limited, The International Association of Political Consultants and, more recently, was appointed an Independent Non-executive Director of Adcock Ingram Limited. Motty also serves on the Board of Capital Appreciation Limited as a Non-executive Director.

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