FirstRand Bank lists ZAR58 billion Inflation Linked Notes


FirstRand Bank Limited has been granted the permission for the listing of its FRBI33 Inflation Linked Notes, in terms of its
ZAR80,000,000,000 Domestic Medium Term Note Programme dated 20 February 2015.

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INSTRUMENT TYPE: Inflation Linked Notes
Total Notes in Issue: ZAR 58,541,451,061.06 (inclusive of all issuances under the FRB DMTN Programmes)

Instrument Code: FRBI33
Nominal Issued: R 260,000,000.00
Issue Price: 192.208630%
Total FRBI33 Notes in Issue: R 1,213,900,000.00
Coupon: 3.45%
Coupon Rate Indicator: Inflation Linked
Base CPI: 60.6334496015480
Trade Type: Price
Issue Date: 16 January 2017
Interest Commencement Date: 7 December 2016
Maturity Date: 7 December 2033
Last day to Register: By 17h00 on 1 June and 1 December in
each year until the Maturity Date
Books Close: 2 June and 2 December in each year until
the Maturity Date
Interest Payment Dates: 7 June and 7 December each year the
Notes are in issue
ISIN: ZAG000079245
Business Day Convention: Following Business Day

Dealer: Rand Merchant Bank, a division of FirstRand Bank Limited

The Notes will be immobilised in the Central Depository (“CSD”) and settlement will take place electronically in terms of JSE Rules.

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