Bitstamp launches XRP trading on its exchange


Bitstamp, Bitcoin exchange has launched XRP trading on its exchange. Bitcoin is the most widely accepted cryptocurrency in the world.

According to Bitstamp, XRP is an independent digital asset that is native to the Ripple Consensus Ledger. XRP trading will be available from 17 January 2017, with 0% fees for the first month.

The two new trading pairs to be added to Bitstamp’s roster are XRP/USD and XRP/EUR. XRP is unique among digital assets in that it can be used as a bridge currency for real-time settlement, providing efficient exchange of value across borders.

The option to make XRP deposits and withdrawals will commence tomorrow, and this will be followed on 17 January with full trading functionalities in operation. Additionally, as part of Ripple’s XRP incentive program, Bitstamp will have a reduced fee schedule until the end of April, beginning with 0% fees on all XRP transactions made before 10 February 2017.

Commenting on the news, Nejc Kodrič, Bitstamp’s CEO “After evaluating a number of digital currencies for inclusion on our exchange, it soon became clear that customer demand for XRP was particularly strong,” notes Nejc Kodrič, CEO at Bitstamp. “Fortunately, Ripple and XRP also happen to be a good fit for the requirements of our EU licence and so we are delighted to be able to respond to our customers’ needs in this way.”

Also, Miguel Vias, Head of XRP Markets “The relationship with Bitstamp and launch of XRP volume incentives underscores our commitment to making XRP the institutional standard bearer for value transfer globally,” notes Miguel Vias, Head of XRP Markets at Ripple. “XRP is uniquely capable of introducing more liquidity to exchanges to support global payment volume, especially in exotic corridors. Ripple’s adoption with banks puts XRP in pole position to become a global settlement asset, which translates to more liquidity for Bitstamp, and more value for institutional and individual investors.”

Bitstamp was founded in 2011 in Luxembourg as the first Bitcoin exchange with the largest transaction in the EU in volume terms.

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