Tiso Blackstar records a total of 265.9 million shares

Tiso Blackstar

Tiso Blackstar, on 9 January 2017, purchased a total of 10,272 ordinary shares that worth EUR0.76 each in the Company at a price of R9.00 i.e EUR0.54 per share.

The Company has a total of 268,291,260 shares in issue and following the above purchase, excluding the treasury shares the issued share capital of the Company will be 265.9 million. The number of Shares purchased represents 0.0038% of the total shares in issue.

The company now holds a total of 2.3 million treasury shares.

Company Information

Tiso Blackstar Group SE is an investment company, which looks to invest in business with underlying themes of strategic market positions and strong cash flows, with a particular focus on businesses within Sub-Saharan Africa. Tiso Blackstar was incorporated in England and Wales and has its registered office and place of business in Malta and Johannesburg. The Company is dual listed with a primary listing on AIM of the London Stock Exchange and a secondary listing on the AltX of the JSE Limited in South Africa.

Tiso Blackstar intention is to hold the vast majority of its value in a minimum number of large investments
(4 to 6) where it has majority control to influence strategy and growth and where its shareholders will have complete transparency on underlying investees earnings. Tiso Blackstar will develop and grow its underlying investments organically and with bolt on value enhancing acquisitions.

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