How to make more money as a nail technician


Nail salons are now becoming more competitive and lucrative. Everybody seem to be tired of doing one thing especially with the situation of the country, for some years back now Make -up has been the trending business for both male and female.

Beyond making your face look good, your nails also need proper care and they also enhance your outlook. Pageone start-up desk talked to some successful nail professionals and considered their advice in compiling these 11 ways to increase your income as a Nail Technician. They might not all work for you, but there’s sure to be something here to help you fatten your purse.

1. Raise Your Prices. It’s your most obvious option, but likely one of the hardest to do. But unless your prices keep pace with your costs, your growing experience, and inflation, you’re going to be losing financial ground. Many Nail Technician and salon owners are hesitant to raise prices, in fear of driving away customers. And how do you raise your prices? Bite the bullet, just do it, and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.Just ensure you notify your clients ahead of time by posting an announcement on front desk.Though you may loose some clients but those who appreciate your services will stick with you and may even refer their friends and family.

2. Offer More Services. In an era where there are competitions on every side, you can make more money by giving your clients more services to choose from. What services are in demand that you don’t offer now? Do a survey of your existing clients to find out what new services they would like to see you add. First ensure you learn the trending nail art and designs, use the latest nail polish designs.You can also decide to add some nail accesories, hair care products, beauty kits, Nail treatment. For example the trending polish type now is ‘GEL POLISH’. use it for your clients and let them know the cost. Let your client trust your services.

3. Start Retailing. This should be a piece of cake. A pretty nail polish always needs a matching lipstick, and clients always need hand lotion.Maybe you have noticed that your clients already have product preferences. If so, retailing offers the opportunity to capitalize on these preferences.

4. Visit Your Accountant. One way of putting more money in your pocket is to control what goes out of it. Work with your accountant to get your finances in order and to ensure that you are getting every tax deduction you are allowed. If you don’t have an accountant, consider getting one. Monitor your finances to ensure the business is doing well

5. Improve Time Management. Time is one of your most important resources as a Nail Technician, so it pays to use it wisely. Like many professions, nail care means being harnessed to the clock. When you work efficiently, you can see more clients and increase your profitability. Good time management means doing things faster and more efficiently. It means organizing the way you do things, the way you think about work, or possibly the order in which you do things. By making just a few easy changes in your work habits, you may find that the amount of work you can do increases. Some clients don’t like to sit for long, understand your clients and work with their timing.

6. Use an Assistant. Having an assistant makes work more efficient,it can help in expanding your business and provide better service to your current clients. In a scenario where you have more than one client in your salon, it will be easier to attend to the when you have an assistance and it makes your work fast.Properly scheduled, an assistant program will allow you to book an extra client every hour, effectively doubling your business without doubling your expenses.

7. Reduce Expenses. Making the most of what you’ve got means monitoring your product usage, eliminating waste, and buying in bulk.There are little things you can do to keep product expenses in line, like recapping liquids when they are not being used. Put only the amount of product you need in your dappen dish because any extra will have to be disposed of. Same goes for nail polish — why waste money by letting polish dry up when all it takes is a few seconds to replace a cap?.When you do buy product, order in bulk to reduce your costs. Investigate all money-saving payment options.

8. Reactivate Old Clients. Get clients you haven’t seen for a while to come back to your salon. Have a contact of all your clients, go through it for those you haven’t seen in at least three months. There are lots of promo ideas you can use to get these former clients in again. For example, you can send them a discount as a “welcome back” gift.

9. Eliminate No-Shows. No-show means no money. Get your clients to either keep their appointments or make room for some by confirming their appointment the day before. (This would be a great way to use an assistant.) Clients do forget appointments, and they do forget to cancel. You may find that a quick courtesy call the day before will help you keep your salon full of clients.Another trick is to use client appointment reminder cards. They can look just like your business card or they can be combined with your card. Leave spaces for the date and time of the next appointment, as well as the nail technician’s name.

10. Continue Your Education. Time and time again, it has been shown that advanced education is the path to increased income, and it is certainly true for nail technicians. You have nothing to lose by continuing your education. Keep learning new things that will make you different from other Nail Technicians .The nail industry abounds with specialized advanced education, so don’t limit yourself to just what you know, keep going for upgrade and your clients will love you for that. Every client wants to see you display new artistic works on their nails when they come.

11. Use social media. Social media is new market platform for this era. Always update new works on your social media platforms. You can educate your clients on how to take care of their nails at home. Meet new people everyday on social media, be active with your followers and watch you business grow.

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