Gambia’s Supreme Court Judges abandons Jammeh’s suit, refuse to show up


President Yahya Jammeh’s intent to throw away a duly conducted elections has suffered a major blow as all the newly hired judges for the Supreme Court refused to show up at the hearing of the case.

Apart from annulling the elections, Yahya Jammeh had approach the Gambia Supreme Court to declare that the election that he lost to Adama Barrow was not properly conducted.

The presiding Judge, Justice Fagbenle (Nigerian) refused to go ahead with the hearing on the grounds that hearing cannot stand unless the panel is properly constituted.

Edward Gomez, Yahya Jammeh’s lawyer said he was disappointed and that President Jammeh will continue to pursue his constitutional right to challenge the election results.

However, Justice Fagbenle said he will not continue with the hearing until all the judges are complete. As quoted by, he said ““This election petition can only be heard by a panel of supreme court justices,”

He added that “I am adjourning it until next Monday but do not expect me to change my stand that I cannot hear the case on my own without a full supreme court panel.”

Yahya Jammeh is set to hold a rally with his supporters later today. ECOWAS led by Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari is planning to use military force to oust Jammeh should he refuse to leave office.

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