Confusion as Donation Hub locks out investors

Confusion as Donation Hub locks out investors

After coming out with a ‘big-bang theory and cool’ way of doing Ponzi Scheme, Donation Hub has left its investors in cold. The site is not ‘frozen’ like MMM Nigeria but it is worst-off.

For more than five days, Donation Hub has not allowed its investors and new members to access funds and or make donations ‘investment’ on its sleek website.

Donation Hub came with a proposition of some sort of transparency and pseudo-financial markets were supposed Ponzi Scheme investors can trade their intentions by investing and or cashing out their investments for up to 50% of their investment.

Many investors are now agonising as the site is no longer allowing them to take actions on their investments at stipulated time of the day. As it supposedly instructed, interested investors and old investors are supposed to login into the system at a certain time of the day to carry out transactions. This has become difficult as no one has been able to do anything.

A Donation Hub investors who begged for anonymity said the scheme might be doing well and therefore many people are flooding to the site to invest in it. He said since the future of MMM Nigeria is no longer certain, many people including are looking at investing in schemes like Donation Hub which allows them to get in and get out as quickly as anyone wants.

One of the most different structure and perhaps a dangerous trait of the Scheme is that it allows and encourage investors to use Bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency that many Ponzi scams are now relying on as a preferred currency.

Last week,, a Bitcoin mining scam disappeared with investors funds and its site was wiped out of the Internet. There was no statement from owners of who till today are not known by anyone.

Many Donation Hub investors are already jittery that the inability to withdraw funds might be a likelihood that owners of the scheme are taking to their heels.