Here are the new businesses Rocket Internet is betting on


Rocket Internet, the parent company of Jumia, an eCommerce group has released further information about news businesses it is betting big on.

From on-demand cleaning service to gourmet food ordering services, Rocket Internet has many high growth startups under its weight. However, the viability of these bets are still debatable. While there are some fintech and and diverse niches, they are virtually eCommerce startups with various twists and bend to their focus.

On its website, the company has listed the following companies as its new businesses. Rocket Internet did now however disclose how much it has staked in those tech startups.


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Bandist is a music marketplace. According to Rocket Internet, the marketplace is tailored for musicians wanting to buy and sell their gear – from beginners to professional musicians, music stores and manufacturers. Bandist brings the most important music gear news, in the format of videos and articles. From musicians, to musicians.

The company was founded in 2016.


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Campsy is an online booking platform for camping sites and outdoor holiday spots. It was founded in 2016 and lists hundreds of campsites in Europe.

Using our user friendly search and booking function, you can find your ideal camping spot, filtering by type, location or price, browsing photos, reviews and book it online.


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Carspring is an online marketplace for second hand cars that connects sellers with prospective buyers. Carspring delivers the newly bought vehicle right to the customer’s door whilst also removing the hassle and uncertainty typically associated with purchasing a used car.

Rocket Internet said each car is inspected according to a stringent 150+ checklist and comes with a 14-day money back guarantee and 6-months free warranty. With Carspring, buyers pay less and sellers get more in comparison to traditional car dealerships. Launched in 2015, Carspring operates in the UK and plans to expand soon into additional markets.


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CaterWings is a marketplace for catering services with an emphasis on convenience, flexibility and on-demand food delivery. Our internet platform helps you finding the perfect catering service for your special occasion, in record time, with unparalleled adjustability.

Rocket Internet said it is building out a network of caterers to offer time-saving, high quality solutions for B2B catering needs. With CaterWings, catering ordering with a focus on high quality will be as easy as listening to music and surfing the Web. We will facilitate the corporate food ordering process end-to-end. Furthermore, CaterWings ensures on-time delivery and quality so the customer can focus on their actual work. Once registered, submitting an order will only take you a few seconds and brings the best catering experience right to your door.


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EatFirst, an online restaurant with the mission to deliver an exciting dining experience – wherever our customers are. From our kitchen we deliver food with love created and cooked to all parts of the center of London.

For that purpose we develop our dishes especially for the delivery – they are produced applying the Cook & Chill process and we have created an online platform, where you can order our fresh and healthy meals quickly and easily. Our chefs have an international background and have been trained in star cuisine restaurants in seven countries.


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Everdine is a clean eating ordering service. We bring you wholesome gourmet meals frozen and courier-delivered to your door. Most of our meals are ready to eat in around 10 minutes.

We also offer completely vegetarian plans. We only work with suppliers we know and trust, our fish and meats are sustainably sourced, and our chefs trained for years in Michelin-starred restaurants.

Freezing our meals naturally locks in the inherent goodness, which means no need to add artificial preservatives to the high-quality ingredients we use. Also, you don’t have to throw away food any more, as frozen keeps fresh for longer.

Global Savings Group

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Global Savings Group (GSG) is a leading operator of digital savings destination websites, mobile solutions and marketing services providing the best in retail discounts & deals around the globe. The group offers saving opportunities from around 20,000 online shops across more than 40 platforms around the world.

Every month, millions of users worldwide make impactful savings on their online shopping, by using the offers on the group’s platforms. The group generates significant value for e-commerce players and advertisers, as they gain the opportunity to approach their customers on multiple channels, covering a wider range of topics, drive traffic and increase revenues.


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Betting in the offline-oriented market, Helpling is an online platform for household-related services that allows users to book legally employed cleaners in a fast and convenient way. With attractive rates and insurance provided for all its cleaners, Rocket Internet wants Helpling to become a leading online portal for high-quality household help.


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Started in 2013, Rocket Internet is pushing Lendico as transparent marketplace for loans. The site connects private borrowers and investors, Lendico avoids the excessive costs of traditional banking and savings are passed right on to customers.

Lendico operates a strict quality control procedure for all borrower projects to provide investors with considerably less risk compared with other asset classes with similar yields.


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A similar startup to Jumia House, formerly, Lamudi, Nestpick is an aggregator platform for midterm rental of furnished apartments. Users can browse more than 40,000 listings in 17 European cities and book their apartment on the website of a trusted partner. Founded in 2014 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Nestpick is now based in Berlin, Germany.


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RideLink (previously DriveJoy) is an online community where car owners can safely rent their cars directly to drivers, making money in the process. For car owners, this is a great way to let your car make extra cash when you’re not using it, all while reducing the number of cars on the road and helping others.

For renters, RideLink offers a wider selection of awesome cars than you would find at a traditional car rental agency, at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, you always know the exact car you’ll be getting; no last minute surprises at the rental counter.


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Vaniday is the place to find and book beauty & wellness experiences. Customers can discover new services and salons, book appointments and get inspired, with our app and on our website. Salons can showcase their work, connect with new and existing clients, and grow their business.


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Spotcap enables small business owners to grow their business by providing fast and flexible finance. The company has developed a sophisticated and dynamic decision process assessing the real-time performance of businesses to grant short term loans.

Spotcap was launched in Madrid in September 2014, The Netherlands and Australia in 2015, and The United Kingdom in 2016. The business is led by Jens Woloszczak in Berlin.


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Visito provides operational, technological and financial support to new ventures in the healthcare space. Pflegetiger is the first business enabled by Visito.


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zanui is one of Australia’s leading online shopping destinations for homeware, furniture, lighting and all other decorative touches for the design of your home from top to bottom.

zanui’s state-of-the-art desktop and mobile sites offer customers a superior shopping experience when browsing through a broad selection of leading local, international and private label brands for all budgets.


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ZipJet is an app-based on-demand laundry service which liberates customers from laundry and dry cleaning. Once users have chosen collection and delivery times on the ZipJet app, their laundry is taken to top-notch facilities where it is professionally cleaned and then returned within 24 hours.

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