OneCoin replies Italy on its ban, disowns OneLife affiliate

Ruja Ignatova

It is very shocking that OneCoin, a pseudo-cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme would deny its Italian its OneLife Network Services Network affiliate in the country.

It would be recalled that Italian Antitrust Authority issued a statement that it has banned the promotion of OneCoin across Italy.  In response to the country-wide ban, OneCoin issued an official statement claiming it has never promoted OneCoin and or OneLife Network in Italy.

The most interesting aspect of its reply is that it further evades the question on the fact that it is a Ponzi Scheme that markets packages in fiat currency for OneCoin, its Ponzi cryptocurrency that has no acceptance except within its scheme.

See the reply below:

We received reports that on December 30th the Italian Antitrust Authority (i.e. A.G.C.M.) released a suspension measure against One Network Services Ltd. and two Italian IMAs, who are registrants of websites, which were reported to have promoted the OneCoin cryptocurrency.

Our Company is not subject or addressee of any measure of provision by the Italian Antitrust Authority, and it is imperative for us to focus on the following points:

The OneLife Network system is absolutely legal according to European and internal law.

All legal countermeasures will be taken where necessary in order to protect the Company’s name and activity.

One Network Services Ltd. has never promoted OneCoin and/or OneLife in Italy or other countries, it is a legal entity entirely different from our Company and OneCoin Ltd.

Furthermore, One Network Services Ltd. is a limited company providing administrative services as subject of declared activity, and it is not involved in any sales/distributing/marketing activity.

OneLife Network Ltd. is a network marketing company engaged in the sale of educational courses regarding the economic branch and cryptocurrencies.

Onecoin was founded by Dr.. Ruja Ignatova. The pseudo-cryptocurrency has been banned across many countries.