Bitomine, Bitcoin scam disappears with investors’ money

Bitomine, Bitcoin scam disappears with investors’ money

The era of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment schemes ripping people off is now here. Bitomine, has dissapeared on the ‘face of the Internet’.

Many investors who bought into the scheme have lost thousands and if not millions of Bitcoin to the scam.’s Startup Desk was alerted by one of our loyal reader who said “This is not the first cloud bitcoin Miner to disappear with their investors money. also dissapear after 2 weeks of operation”.

His response was on the collapse of Bitcoin scam which collapsed less than 78 hours ago. EnterCrypto’s website has also disappeared into the thin air, making away with investors money., a Bitcoin review site suggest that Bitomine must have collapsed as a result of what makes Ponzi Schemes to collapse in general ”¬†they can no longer pay their investors and partners; as we speak, no longer pays”.

The shocking thing is that only existed for two weeks. This according to a cryptocurrency reviewer said it is a trait that makes all cryptocurrency Ponzi Schemes more dangerous than other Ponzi Schemes. This is because a digital currency such as Bitcoin is very high in value. The perpetrator of such scam only need a few thousands Bitcoins or even less to get enough and create another site with another identity.

A look up into the identity of whoever might have created Bitomine shows that there is are no information as the domain details has been set to private. The only detail available showed that domain name was bought from a Panama address “Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 0823-03411, PANAMA PANAMA 0 PA”

Whichever way things pan, the supposed ‘smart-alec’ who started the scam must have made away with huge amounts of money. They will usually start another Bitcoin or Ponzi Scheme to devour new victims. People must exercise restraints and research more before parting away with money.