Nigerian Telecoms coys lost 700k Internet users in 2016

The telecommunications industry regulator disclosed in its latest monthly internet subscribers data that telecommunications networks subscribers decreased to 92.4 million in November, 2016 compared to 93.2 million recorded in October.

The data indicated that internet users on both Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) networks reduced by 759,683. Out of the  92.4 million internet users in November, only  30,309 users were on CDMA networks, the same number recorded in October. The rest were hooked to the GSM networks.

The data revealed that MTN had 32.o million subscribers in November in contrast to 32.4 million recorded in October, which represent a decrease of 447,000 .

Globacom has 27.1 million customers on its network in November, revealing a decrease of 62,660 users, from the 27.1 million  in October.

Unlike Glo and MTN, Airtel gained 311,462 customers to rise to 19.1 million internet users in November. The telecom firm’s  October record was 18.8 million.

Etisalat lost far more customers than other networks, recording 14.1 million customers who browsed the internet in November. The figure was 561,485 lower compared to the 14.6 million users it had in October.

The NCC data revealed that of the CDMA operators are still struggling to get a fair share.  Men’s Visafone leads the cagegory, with 30,305 users, the same as in October. Multi-Links has just four internet users