Entercrypto Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme collapses

Entercrypto Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme collapses

After perpetrating its Bitcoin scam in less than two months, Entercrypto has finally collapsed.

Entercrypto was a purported Bitcoin investment for savvy investors promising about 10% on every Bitcoin invested into the scheme daily.

The Ponzi Scheme has a London registered address but its domain name was registered in France with one Nevis Organization.

The collapse of Entercrypto was inevitable as it promise other bogus benefits such as 15% referral bonus for every new investor referred into the scheme.

Since Bitcoin payments are irreversible, it is yet unclear how much investors must have lost to owners of the scam.

Bitcoin investment scams have proliferated the Internet claiming to have special mining algorithm for investors.

OneCoin another Bitcoin copycat had promised its affiliates huge returns. OneCoin has been banned across various countries such as Hungary, China and even Italy.

  • Fagbenle Dauda Adeshina

    This is not the first cloud bitcoin Miner to disappear with their investors money. Bitomine.com also dissapear after 2 weeks of operation .