What you need to know if you are Nigerian, within 20-30 years


This is a tough time to be a Nigerian, especially if you’re in the age bracket of (22-30)… You’ve graduated from the uni, but no jobs.

U look at urself in a way, “my result is good, am I not jinxed?”..Especially if some rich/lucky ones among u set d ball rolling immediately

You have to deal with pressure from all areas, Peer Pressure, Society, Parents, Siblings that are counting on u.

Especially if you’re one really brilliant lad with huge potential, people see greatness in u but u can’t see in urself. Cos You’re broke AF

Then it begins, your colleagues/mates are already in a relationship, attending all concerts/shows with bae but u can barely feed yourself.

Your parents eventually gets tired of you staying at home and they started slipping the insults through. “Go out and find a Job”

So you go out there to stay with a friend in hope that opportunities will come your way, instead he(she) conditions u to live like a servant

Your clothes start getting really old, but you need a fortune for a wardrobe overhaul. So you start going out less…

And then if you’re a Lady, there’s mounting pressure to find a “rich man” and then you start falling into their traps because of desperation

It’s even worse for boys, Ladies start overlooking you and you watch your crush hopelessly go with someone else because u can’t compete

Your whole life is a pandemonium and sometimes you just cry yourself to sleep, other times, out of your in abundance u have to help again

Your mates who gave up their home training and went into fraud shows up BALLING.

Your situation then goes from manageable to terrible 😭

But not to really worry, you’re to work and get ur life in shape in ur 20’s, Being rich or VERY comfortable is a value add on at this stage

You must not get carried away at this stage of your life, you have to be strong enough, it’s just a storm, it’s gonna be over.

You must have read about a lot of billionaires striking gold after/during their 30s, but evidently the foundation was in their twenties.

Live a day at a time, do your best, let Lady Luck/Nature/God (depending on your beliefs) fix the rest…

Very soon, this your situation so herculean and almost tantamount to attempting to collapse the wall of Jericho like the isrealites of Old//will be leveled, and you will look back and smile…..

My message this morning is not to discourage u or ur hustle,it’s just to encourage,keep putting all d efforts,d universe will align someday

You can also keep this at the back of your mind…..; When you’re successful, Your autobiography sells more when you’ve had a rollercoaster

A trending tweet written by Mr. Jack Robinson ‏@jackdre02