This is the mind of an entrepreneur, are you one?

This is the mind of an entrepreneur, are you one?

The mind of an entrepreneur has an appetite for risk. They won’t be found in a crowd with tendencies for risk aversion, among those who don’t dare to do anything new, until someone else has tested it.

These entrepreneurs don’t follow the band wagon. They are not afraid of the unknown, those who are, are employed.

It’s a rough world out there, that’s why most choose their comfortable and secure jobs. This keeps them, and their families, away from risks.

So, what does it take to be successful? You need a resilient mind and attitude: you need to be sure that you will make it no matter what.

Entrepreneurs have a steely resolve; an unwillingness to give up. They are able to adapt to change. A word that is most relevant with successful entrepreneurs is ‘perseverance’.

The best entrepreneur are not necessarily those who had many resources when they started, but those who were resourceful, those who used their minds to find ways to make things happen. if you put a successful entrepreneur in the worst country with no money or no assets, I would bet that within few months, he/she will generate a sustainable cash flow.

Look closely, not every entrepreneur who made it big was an expert in the field they succeeded in. They used their brains to mobilize means of production to make profit; they went out to sell their vision, convinced other people to work with or for them, took their products and services to the market and made money.

One of the vital characteristics of an entrepreneur’s mind is creativity. They have the ability to do something differently from other market players.

The greatest investment an entrepreneur ever makes is on themselves. They develop how they think, which influences what they do.  This ultimately determines who they become and results they achieve.

Entrepreneurs know that if there is no risk, there is no reward; if there is no problem, there is no progress; if there is no disappointment there is no discipline; if there is no pain, there is no gain, and if there is no trial, there is no triumph. It might be tough, but it is worth it, because sometimes you have to go through it in order to grow through it.

The difference between an overachieving entrepreneur and the rest of the world is how they think. Soon we will be crossing over to 2017 to make every second of the coming year count all you need to do is to change the way you think, it could change your life and your business.

Igwe Stanley is the Founder of, he is based in Port Harcourt, South South Nigeria. He can reached via his email: