Has MMM United Ponzi Scheme collapsed?

The confusion and anguish that greeted the freeze of MMM Nigeria has eclipsed the possible collapse of MMM United.

MMM United has kept mum after it announced that it will be doing maintenance. Its members have written to PageOne.ng complaining that they cannot access the site.

The last message to its members said:

Dear Participants,

Due to heavy traffic and over flooded registrations, we need to upgrade our servers again. πŸ™‚ This is to inform you in advance that we will be under maintenance from 12.30 PM to 3.30 PM (Moscow Time). Please share this news with your team members too.
Thank you.

MMM United is a digital Ponzi Scheme fashioned after MMM Global. Its owners claim they are former members and administrators of MMM Global. They did not disclose their identities.

Ponzi Scheme crtics who spoke to PageOne.ng said MMM United must have collapsed under its own weight. Some suggest it might have collaosed alongside MMM Nigeria as its system might be linked to the same owner, Sergey Mavrodi.

Before its ‘collapse’, MMM United ran a promotion promising 20% extra interest for new members:

Dear Participants,

It’s our 4 month anniversary today. We hope past 120 days were the most amazing days of your lives. And we strive to continue this legacy to the eternity. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our leaders, promoters and each and every member of MMM United family. THANK YOU.

We are aware of the technical glitches and bugs in the system and we are working 24×7 to provide you sustainable platform. And we cannot thank you enough for the patience you guys have shown in spite of all the inconvenience caused to you.

We are getting stronger and bigger every second. To keep the motivation intact, we are continuing 20% Anniversary bonus for next 15 days. Provide Help made during December 11 2016 to Dec 24 2016 will get (Regular) 100% per month plus 20% EXTRA anniversary bonus as an anniversary gift from MMM United. Bonus will have lock in period of 7 days and can be withdrawn on 8th day.

Please take a note that THIS WILL BE THE LAST EXTENSION for any kind of Bonus. This is just to make upcoming festive season more colorful for our beloved members. We will continue 100% per month after this period. So make the most out of it.

Stay blessed, Stay awesome πŸ™‚

There are insinuations that MMM United is owned by Nigerians. While there no empirical proof for this claim, some preliminary investigation shows that the site is majorly Nigerian.

An analysis of the site website shows that 89% of its traffic comes from Nigeria. The only other country where it gets smaller traffic is China, South Africa and the USA.

The last message its members received from MMM United was that same announcement Naija Help Givers released that sealed its fate.

The next coming weeks will be a crucial moment in the lives of many Ponzi Schemes that dotted Nigeria’s Internet space.

  • ese

    is it true dat mmm united has crash

  • God no go gree

  • Lizzy

    Log in nd see .mmmunited is??????

  • Yesuf Evhodaghe Sunny

    I want to know if MMMunited have being able to resolved their technical problems and if they’re fully back in operations?

  • i want 2 knw if MMMunited is fully back n operating on d normal 100% monthly. pls i need responds..

  • Mmm United matched someone to pay me $80 buh unfortunately the guy refused paying and since then I hav been waiting for a rematch buh nothing heard from them. But somone I registered provided help of $100 widou delay. It’s quite unlike them. I was suppose to GH since Dec 2016. Hope we’re save

  • do we still know our fate in Mmm united and Nigeria? don’t seems to understand how d system is going this time around.until the pioneers of Mmm united and Nigeria (participants ) are being settled, it won’t move toward for majority who GH don’t get paid because pple are afraid they might not be paid in return.2016 mavros are yet be released. know that no one will believe all ur daily promises if u haven’t paid at least d half of their money.

  • we’re tired of all ur promises please, release our macro.still wondering y u guys went for break.