We Mourn with the People of Uyo

Yesterday, the people of Akwa Ibom and the entire Nigerian nation was thrown into morning.

A collapsed church auditorium collapsed killing and injuring many in Uyo,  Akwa Ibom state capital.

The tragic event is one to many in Nigeria. The last time a sad event like happened was the Synagogue Church building collapsed that claim hundreds of lives as well.

Preliminary reports suggested that the auditorium was quickly completed to host the special service that took place before the disaster struck.
It is instructive that government agencies must wake up to their responsibilities of regulating and monitoring such crucial construction to ensure the required standards are adhered to.

These mishaps can be prevented given the fact that most of these collapse were not caused by thunderstorms nor earthquakes. It is time we stopped these needless deaths.

At PageOne.ng,  we mourn with all families and communities affected by this sad disaster. We put them in our prayers and hope the injured quick recovery.

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