Norbert Bielderman, Managing Director, Nahco Aviance

Norbert Bielderman joined nahco aviance in May 2010. From Netherlands (Holland), he is an alumnus of the University of the Netherlands Antilles where he studied Fiscal Law from 1979 to 1982.

In 1998, he qualified for the IATA certificate on Dangerous Goods & Radioactive Materials in Yereven, Armenia. He is a tested aviation practitioner with 29 years hands-on experience in ground handling operations, project management, feasibility study, strategy implementation and logistics chain management.

Prior to joining nahco aviance, he had worked in senior positions at Thor Shipping Group of Companies, South Africa, Transafrik International Ltd, Aerocharter/Swissport Services, Cancun & Mexico City, Swissport Basel AG, Switzerland, National Flight Services, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, KLM Cargo Central America & Caribbean among other companies.

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