David Thomas, Director, Nahco Aviance

Mr. David Thomas has joined the Board of nahco aviance as a Non-Executive Director representing Lufthansa German Airline, following the retirement of Mr.Wolfgang Wallmeroth.

Mr. Thomas was born on August 15, 1957 at Wilkie Saskatchewan, Canada and obtained a Diploma in Technology, Hotel Management& Food Services in 1979.
He also has qualifications in Wage & Salary Negotiation, Labour Relations as well as SAIT- Journeymanship papers and Red Seal Cook-1989.

He has held several managerial positions and served on the boards of many companies.
He was appointed Director of Operations, West Africa for Lufthansa in April, 2012.

Before his recent appointment on December 6, 2012, Mr. Thomas was the Chairperson of LAXTEC Corporation; he also served on KAAMCO, where he rose to become President and held that position until 2012.

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