Nigeria to Launch FGI App, a Mobile App for Information Dissemination


The federal government of Nigeria said it will launch FGI App, a government informational app.

In press statement issued by the federal minister of information, Lai Mohammed said the FGI App will “enhance the dissemination of government activities”.

According to NTA, Lai said “We as a government and as Information Ministry will leverage on the unique technology to inform the world about what we are doing. With the new App, it means anybody anywhere in the world will get to know, real time, what is happening in Nigeria at least from our own
perspective and narrative,”

“The information architecture has changed completely…Today, the story is very different because we have the New Media, and unless you show a very strong presence there, you are not communicating to the world,” the Minister said.

The app will be launched  in Abuja on 15 Dec. 2016.

However, from the little information released by the government, the FGI App will not really provide some critical information that the public and private sector can use to make decisions and more importantly understand government policies and how it affects them.

The government will mainly use the FGI App to communicate its achievements and plans. This according to Lai Mohammed is to report the government’s achievements which according to is “under-reported”.

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