Tunji Andrews, Financial Expert, Shreds MMM and Everything Else

Tunji Andrews

Famous financial and investment expert, Tunji Andrews has released a video shredding all the logic behind MMM, the digital Ponzi Scheme in Nigeria with over 1.6 million members/customers

Tunji Andrews is one of the most popular financial experts in Nigeria. He is one of the most vocal critics against the Ponzi Scheme and other investment schemes that end up going burst.

However, Tunji Andrews did something different with the video. He took an objective approach by pointing out the unfair banking system that collects funds from customers, lend it to others at 25% rate and then pay owners of the funds less than 3%.

He also shredded the heard mentality behind MMM and the all the ludicrous logic behind it. His mannerism and dramatic delivery of his presentation makes the video a great one.

Moreover, it is yet another warning to all MMM members and other Ponzi Schemes that winter is coming sooner than they think. It is also a pointer to how Nigerians easily fall for various schemes which end up going burst.

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