SEC Disowns AIMS Asset Management and its Investors


The Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC has disowned AIMS Asset Management and its investors over a private placement deal that went sour.

In a statement issued by the SEC, the commission said it “received various complaints against AIMS Asset Management Limited who solicited and marketed private placements for two private companies namely Petdrill Development Company Limited and Aims Assurance Company Limited”.

The Commission said while investigating the activities of AIMS Asset Management Limited (a registered Capital Market Operator), observed that the said private placements and the securities of the private companies were not under the regulatory purview of the Commission.

“In view of the above, the general public is hereby informed, that the Commission does not regulate private placements by private companies and therefore, the respective investors are advised to contact the said companies for their share certificates”.

This disclaimer further stress the fact that private placement of shares by private companies are not covered and or regulated by the SEC.

3 thoughts on “SEC Disowns AIMS Asset Management and its Investors

  1. hve been with aims for long more than 5 years ago,i was having an lssue for paying my house rent& i hve no money with me& i whent to aims asset company,they collected there company .certificat&ask me to write a letter&drop it&they ask me to drop my account no,i did it,till now have not seen any alert frm gtb&any time i call they say oga travel always,pls help me.

  2. Aims and petdrill management will not have peace till they pay me all the promised to pay. Thanks

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