Philip Obin, Successful MLM Expert, Advises ‘MMMers’ to Quit the Ponzi Scheme


Dear MMMers! Time to pull out your money from MMM is now. There’s no short cut to wealth. You must plan, work hard & stay disciplined.

MMM is purely a ponzi and pyramid scheme. They are running a “dig a hole to fill a hole model of scam”. They have one Igbo guy heading two other Yoruba guys in Nigeria. These are the guys running the show for Sergey Panteleevich Mavrodi, a Russian criminal and a former deputy of the State Duma.

For every N1,300,000 paid to a participant, another participant is owed N300,000 – a N300,000 hole is created. In other words, for every 10 participants paid, 3 are owed! To make matter worst, these guys have at least 1,000 admin accounts that keep getting help in millions, without first providing help, as required. They share these helps (money) with their master, Mavrodi, the Russian ex convict, who caused death of about 50 Russians when MMM crashed in his home country before he was arraigned and jailed!

It might also interest you to know that it costs the MMM team millions to run their websites monthly. Where do you think they get these funds to pay for the websites, their admin staff and other running costs? The sites are hosted on proxy bullet proof servers which are very expensive to maintain. They pay for the servers in Bitcoins in other to hide their identities, since KYC isn’t required to open Bitcoin accounts.

Anyone can open a Bitcoin in mins, fund same with as much as a billion naira equivalence, send to other Bitcoin users or use same for transactions without providing any form of ID since Bitcoin, as a cryptocurrency is not regulated by any body yet. They also use whois privacy on their websites to further conceal their real identities. I am not against network marketing or multi level marketing aka MLM.

It’s one of the sure fire ways to wealth for those willing to work really hard. How much is the network marketing industry worth? The Network Marketing and Direct Sales profession hit a new record in 2012 with $167 BILLION in global sales. Network Marketing is BIG business! Roughly $65 Billion (40% of the $167 Billion), was paid directly to distributors via commissions. That’s $5.5 billion a month, or $185 million a day! GWT, GNLD, are some of the various legit and sustainable MLMs to join, but I must warn that hard work is required.

Those willing to work hard are making it big time on these networks. Only the lazy ones patronize the likes of MMM. I feel so sad hearing some Nigerians foolishly telling others “I can stake my car, write you an upfront check or do anything to guarantee you that MMM works”. That’s pure foolishness, as even the owners of MMM have warned on their official websites that participants stand a chance of losing part or whole of their money.

And even if you warn people before recruiting them into MMM, the day the program crashes, lots of them will come after you. Those who might not come after you might never forgive you or do anything of trust with you again. This is the gospel truth about referring people into pyramid schemes.

Consider how you’ll feel when you lose your cherished relationships and hard earned trust just because you wanted some quick money – a 10% commission of any amount the people you introduced invest. Good advice is like a mini skirt. It may be short but covers the vital part of the body.

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