Netflix Finally has Nigeria in Mind Starts Offline Mode


For many Netflix users in Nigeria, the launch of offline mode is a big relief.

Before now, Netflix, the world’s popular video on demand company does not allow its users to download content they watch. The site was built for real time streaming.

However, this functionality does not consider markets where data is not only expensive but inefficient, slow and epileptic.

However, after several months of speculations and predictions from the tech analyst community, Netflix has finally unveiled its offline mode.

In statement signed and released by Netflix, the company said the offline mode is now available for all Android and iOS smartphones. Netflix has nor disclosed when the download function will be available for desktop.

The decision of Netflix to include this functionality has been appraised as a positive move since the market want it anyway.

Since Netflix went global, the company has been struggling to increase its subscriber base. Last December, the company announced that its site will now be available to all countries. The move has not yielded much change to its profitability.

Apart from retaining its existing customers, offline mode is predicted to win more fans for Netflix across emerging markets.

Netflix charge Nigerian and other African subscribers about USD7 to subscribe to its service monthly. Iroko an indigenous video on demand company has since shuttered divesting into traditional TV business. Iroko has now created about five channels available on major payTV platforms across Nigeria and the UK.

Two months ago, Netflix signed a partnership with Spectranet, a 4G Internet provider to locate its servers within the company’s premises. The move was a significant one that suggests Netflix might be planning to create more presence and relevance in Nigeria. The company has already started listing Nigerian titles in its library.

Netflix has not invested in any original series targeting African markets. Last year, the company invested in Beast of No Nation. The film was shot in Ghana but its production was foreign.