The Bigger Picture of MMM Member’s Suicide Story

The Bigger Picture of MMM Member’s Suicide Story

Following the trending news of the MMM member Alleged suicide whose name is Tobechukwu Okeke, a final year student of the University of Nigeria (Nsukka) on Sunday 27th November 2016 in Enugu state; many Nigerians who are members of the popular digital Ponzi Scheme might not be looking at the bigger picture.’s Startup Desk has decided to bring out the bigger picture of the incident because most Nigerians are curious to know what really happened.

It has been confirmed that Tobechukwu Okeke is a participant of the Mavro Mondi  Movement (MMM), a ponzi scheme which millions of Nigerians (as a matter of fact over 1.6 million according to MMM Nigeria) are currently investing their hard earned money into to get 30% interest in 1 month.

A review into his activities revealed that Tobechukwu advertised the scheme via his facebook account sometime in September saying that “MMM is enriching lives of millions of Nigerians everyday. If you care to join or you have any questions, please send me a message or comment below.”

Looking into how the Ponzi Scheme works where a participant has to Provide Help (PH) before getting Getting Help (GH). It is possible Tobechukwu has provided help of huge sum of money but didn’t have the money when it was time to render help to whoever the system has matched him with and according to how the system works; if you are not able to Provide Help to the person you have been matched within 48 hours, you will be blocked from participating by the CRO who supposedly is the Admin of the system. 

Meanwhile facts have not been drawn that MMM is the course of the suicide because he left an Apology letter which he apologized to his ‘fellow gamblers’ which can be said that he might have incurred a lot of debt from playing football betting or other forms of gambling which he couldn’t pay back hence the suicide. 

Also one of the deceased’s colleagues, who did not want to be named, said Tobechukwu was given an electrical wiring job to do at the department of Linguistics in the university, because of his expertise in electrical works. “I saw him this (Sunday) morning, he seemed to have a problem which he needed money to solve,” the colleague added.  These things can lead a person to commit suicide in other to avoid shame and embarrassment.

People close to the deceased described him as a comedian: “He used to go around to classes at night to crack jokes and encourage students to forget their worries,” a source revealed. They believe some comedians are actually very depressed people and depression could lead to suicide.

As tragic as his end, MMM Nigeria members are still not baffled because they are still getting paid. The eventual crash of MMM will bring more catastrophic consequences, a dire situation that no one can predict how it will pan out.