Akeem Lawal, Managing Director, Interswitch

Akeem Lawal is a pioneer management team member of Interswitch and currently leads the Switching and Processing division of Interswitch. Akeem’s current passion is to replicate the success of the Switching and Processing business in our primary market across Africa.

Akeem graduated with First Class Honours in Electrical/Electronic Engineering from the University of Benin, Nigeria. He also holds an MBA from the Lagos Business School at the Pan-Atlantic University. Prior to joining Interswitch, Akeem worked in the Petroleum and ICT Industry.

Akeem is adept at spotting business opportunities and executing with minimal time-to-market. His deep insight into the opportunities in Africa and his knowledge of the payments business helps him to gain the confidence of our customers and the respect of his peers. Akeem is a Bishop Desmond Tutu Fellow of the African Leadership Institute.

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