NCC Suspends Data Tariff Hike


After getting a lashing from the Senate, the Nigerian Communications Commission has suspended its plan to impose 10% communication tax bill on telecom operators.

In a tweet circulated by the commission via its Twitter handle, the Commission said it will use the period of suspension to consult more with stakeholders.

Earlier today, the Senate had ordered the NCC to halt its decision to go ahead with the communication tax on data tariff.

It would be recalled that MTN, Nigeria’s largest mobile carrier had already finalised its plans to execute the new tariff regime in less than 24 hours to this time.

Had the Senate not intervened in the matter, Nigerians would have started paying more for data services. Over the last three years, data prices have been crashed by more than 150%. However, many subscribers have complained of poor quality of service.

The NCC is using the need to improve service quality by investing more on infrastructure as the main reason behind the new tax. However, many have argued that the government is only looking at increasing its revenue profile as a result of the huge shortfall in oil revenue.

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