Habib Jaafar, Director, Investment One

Dr. Habib Jaafar is the Chairman of Everest Sterling Limited, United Integrated Construction Limited and many other companies.

He holds two Bachelor of Science degrees in Bio-Chemistry and Pharmacy from American University of Beirut, Lebanon and from University of Houston, Texas, USA respectively.

He also holds a Ph.D. in Arab and Islamic Studies from American University of London, UK. Habib’s professional career spans several sectors and he currently sits on several boards including Lebanon Pharmacy Board, Texas State Board of Pharmacy and Day Waterman College where he serves as a member and Kano Lebanon School where he sits as Vice Chairman, Board of Governors.

His other business interests include Holborn Nigeria Limited where he sits as Vice Chairman and Elion House Limited, ABC Polymers Limited, Cedar Trust Holding and DAR Foundation as Executive Chairman. He has vast business management experience in manufacturing, construction and investment.

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