Giovanni Beliossi, Board of Director, IAQF

Giovanni Beliossi is with Auriel Capital Ltd, a UK-based portfolio manager of equity market neutral systematic strategies whose long-term core alpha is derived from ESG insights, complemented by shorter-term tactical signals.

Previously he co-founded and managed FGS Capital, a systematic and low-latency portfolio manager. Up until 2002 he was Associate Director of hedge funds at First Quadrant’s UK office, where he set up and was the portfolio manager of its Pan European long/short equity market neutral portfolios, and was responsible for hedge fund business.

Prior to that he was a tenured Research Fellow with the Economics Department of the University of Bologna in Italy, and he has held appointments with BARRA International and Eastern Group Plc.

Giovanni Beliossi is a Research Committee member of Inquire Europe.

Auriel Capital, Ltd.

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