Arjun Oberoi, Head of Health Care, ACTIS

Arjun Oberoi says; “I have the privilege of working with leading healthcare entrepreneurs across growth markets, helping them strengthen their businesses so that patients and healthcare professionals have increased access to higher quality products and services.”

Arjun grew up in the UK and India and began his career as a physician working for the NHS in Edinburgh and London. He enjoyed his work, but his natural curiosity led him to ask how the companies supplying the drugs he was prescribing, and the stents and instruments he was using, actually worked. Arjun stepped back from the medical front line and joined McKinsey, hoping to gain a more complete picture of the healthcare industry and a better understanding of the interplay between its sub-sectors.

Ten years on, Arjun has worked in various operational and business development roles with Pfizer in the US and in China, and Sanofi in Singapore where he built a team and executed a series of acquisitions and joint ventures across the region. Arjun joined Actis in January 2013 from Stryker Corporation where he led the company’s International Strategy & Business Development function.

Arjun was drawn to the post of Head of Healthcare at Actis by the firm’s strong track record and its reputation for working collaboratively with entrepreneurs as well as large multinationals. Importantly, it is a role that enables Arjun to use his skills and knowledge to have a meaningful impact on the health and wellbeing of societies in growth economies.


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