Senate Solicits Media Support to Tackle Recession

Bukola Saraki

The Senate through its President Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki has charged the media on the need to work with the upper chamber in its drive to at pull the nation’s economy out of recession.

He made this appeal while presenting a keynote address at the 2016 Awards/Dinner for Senators and Journalists covering the Senate, organised by the Senate Press Corps.

The Senate President further urged the media to ensure that the people are adequately informed on the activities of the chamber. Saraki also noted that the 8th Senate has put adequate processes in place not only to ensure that the 2017 budget is passed in record time but to see a product and quality that Nigerians can be proud of.

“We will also continue to plead that there must be objectivity and truth in your reporting,” Saraki said. “We must also continue to educate our good people on the efforts we are making in the Senate, – Saraki said in a statement delivered by his Chief Press Secretary Sanni Onogu, in Abuja.

“I believe that over the last few months a lot of work has been going on in the Senate showing that it is more business-like approach and I am confident that during the remaining period of our tenure, we will definitely lay a foundation that others after us will build on.

“I think at this particular time, let me use this opportunity because in the 8th Senate we keep on talking about the economy, economy, economy and I know that it is very tempting sometimes for the media to continue to focus on what will grab the headlines. I want to appeal to you to blend what is important for the people we represent with the ones that will grab headlines. Today what is important for the people we represent is how do we can get ourselves out of this recession.

“That might not in some cases grab the headlines. We will appreciate if you can work with us so that we can achieve this objective. It is our own view that we continue to address how we can improve the economy and we are confident that this time all the budget processes that we have put in place will ensure that we try as much as possible to ensure that the product and the quality is one that we will all be proud of.”

Saraki said the National Assembly is working to ensure that the 2017 budget is passed in record time and also implementable.

He added: “Some of the comments you might have heard today and you will hear in the during the budget process, are not comments that are against government. They are comments that will ensure that the product that we will deliver is a product that Nigerians will be proud of.

“I think we are all tired of having budget documents that at the end of the day, when it comes to implementation, they don’t mean anything. But when we all come together and put all our best efforts, we have something that we will be proud of.

“And it is also in this spirit that I am confident that this time around, we will also be able to pass the 2017 budget at the earliest time possible than we have seen in the last few years,” he said.


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