Competition or Grand Conspiracy? MMM West Africa Opens Shop

MMM West Africa

MMM Global, the digital Ponzi Scheme with over 1.6 million members in Nigeria must have floated MMM West Africa.

While MMM Nigeria has not commented on the new ‘venture’, the appearance of MMM West Africa’s website clearly shows it is another replica of MMM Nigeria and other countries.

However, as opposed to 30% minimum monthly return on investment promised by MMM Nigeria, MMM West Africa is pushing the limit to 50% minimum monthly RoI.

Other unique selling point of the new scheme is 1.66% daily growth plus 10% Direct Referral bonus. New members to the scheme are required to ‘donate’ or ‘invest’ a minimum NGN1,000.

Less than three weeks after it started, MMM West Africa claimed on its website that “over 12,000 participant have registered”.

You will notice that the currency of operation has been set to Naira (NGN). Ponzi Scheme analysts said this suggests something deeper. Some suggest that MMM West Africa is owned by the same set of people who own and operate MMM Nigeria but it must have been created as a result of a likely conflict in the shadow ‘organisation running the scheme.

Back in August, exclusively revealed that Ernest Mbanefo, a Nigerian based in South Africa registered the and by deduction that he must be owner of the site. While some three individuals later surfaced on YouTube claiming ownership of the scheme, it further shows that there are people behind the scenes that even most MMM members do not know.

Same of the Same

Just like MMM Nigeria and other offshoots across Africa, MMM West Africa has no face to it. A background check on the source of the website domain registration shows that the domain details has been set to private.

The look and feel of the site is exactly the same with that of all MMM Global affiliated websites. Sergei Mavrodi, the founder of the scheme from Russia has his images adorning the front page of the site.

The navigation and other elements of the site are the same with other MMM sites. In the next coming days, many existing MMM Nigeria members will join MMM West Africa to increase their chances of cashing out more frequently.

Some who have already joined claim they are using it to hedge and spread their risk. Even if the the logic in this type of argument defies logic in itself, many people

Something is Smelling in Denmark

Moreover, the next few weeks will reveal how MMM West Africa will run its own show (that is if its ownership is different from the handlers of MMM Nigeria). Some analysts who are playing the devil’s advocate are insinuating that MMM West Africa might a joker from owners of MMM Nigeria.

They suggest that should in case MMM Nigeria collapse, MMM West Africa might be the rebound scheme that will be used to continue their game plan.

Expressing his disbelief, I have just confirmed that MMM has launched MMM West Africa, which offers 50% interest per month. The intention of the promoters is not clear at the moment, but one possibility is that they are trying to choke other MMM copycats who now offer  outrageous interest rates like 80% etc.

He deduced that Olugbenro Bello, publisher of said “The currency of the new website is the Nigerian Naira , which shows that new website is meant to feed on the  Nigerian market and not the West African market as the name suggests.  It is also noteworthy that the existing MMM Nigeria website also offers 50% Interest rate , provided you transact in Bitcoins.  Their really intents will be obvious in a matter of weeks, but this is another warning shot to participants of the scheme”.

For now, MMM Nigeria members are less bordered so far as many of them still get paid. In spite of many shady and fraudulent activities going on in the system, Nigerians are trooping to the scheme as a result of the harsh economic condition.

Be that as it may, the eventual collapse of MMM will not spare those who will be left holding the bag full of nothing.

11 thoughts on “Competition or Grand Conspiracy? MMM West Africa Opens Shop

  1. Is mmm west africa an affiliate of MMM Nigeria? And can i use same bank details i used in MMM Nigeria in MMM west Africa? Pls advice

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  4. Does MMM West Africa have starting bonus, if yes at what percent? ,Is there a reference bonus?, Can people with the the same surname register under them selves?. I will like to be a participant of MMM West Africa.

  5. Pls can I use the same details like name, phone number , email address, bank details dot I use on MMM Nigeria in MMM west Africa?

  6. Mmm west africa and mmm nigeria…….this two is confusing. Is all this stuff for real? Pls enlighting me cos i have severally being a victim of issues ooo!

  7. For you to be sure, if you are on mmm nigeria, try ask support question on the scheme about mmm west africa. pleas be warm participant, there is no guarantee for your money ooooooooooooo.

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