Teaser Images of Tecno Winpad 2: Device Expected to be Launched Soon


Tecno as we all know is synonymous with innovation and advancement in the techy world. The techy giant work tirelessly to meet consumers’ demands, taste and making life easier in Africa especially Nigeria.

A recently released teaser article from Tecno, shows and tells the origin of WinPad and how consumers should expect the grand entry of a WinPad 2 which is going to bigger and more innovative than its predecessor. Judging from sneak peeks of the WinPad 2, we may as well conclude that this amazing device will revolutionize how office work is done.


The device is powered by the latest Windows® 10 and also Office Mobile, compatible with rich Apps to deliver real full PC experience either for business or education.

That is not all, its sleek and portable metal body makes it very easy to carry about and also affords you an opportunity to seamlessly switch between Laptop mode and Tablet mode in a twinkle of an eye! Amazing init?


The device battery of 7000mAh which can last for a whole day, if fully charged makes it extremely suitable for work on the go. Rumor has it that it comes with a 5M AF rear camera with optimized 2M front camera. Also, with the detachable keyboard and other specifications, we believe that the WinPad 2 is the advanced version of the WinPad.


It is also rumored that the tablet PC will run on Windows 10 and according to our source, the device which is very mobile, comes with a micro sim and has other specifications way more than what has been listed here.
Whatever it is, we are only few days away from finding out. So mark your calendars and keep an eye out for what Tecno has in store. Who knows, maybe we will get a tablet PC capable of making work fun.

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