Sachin Korantak, Head of Industrials, ACTIS

Sachin Korantak says; “India’s transformation, though work in progress, has been stunning to watch. Working at Actis gives me the chance to play a role in its rapid socio-economic development.”

Born and raised in India, Sachin has spent the last twenty years of his career in leadership roles driving superior performance for Japanese and American industrial giants – both in US and Japan. Before the country’s shift to liberalisation, and its subsequent macro-economic reforms, such a career would have been unusual in India. “When I was growing up, opportunities for the young population to improve their lives were far fewer”.

Working for Tata Motors in early 1990s, Sachin saw that most Indian companies were dominated by ‘License Raj’ endemic bureaucracy and red tape. They all depended on Western and Japanese companies for their technology. Sachin now enjoys the success of domestic Indian companies competing successfully with multinationals; applying ingenuity and a value engineering approach.

Sachin Korantak joined Actis in 2013 attracted by “a unique firm offering the opportunity to engage across all growth markets and invest in diverse and broad industrial sector.” Prior to his career in private equity, he was most recently with Sikorsky, at the time the helicopter subsidiary of United Technologies, where he was Director of M&A and subsequently President of Sikorsky’s subsidiary LifePort, responsible for a successful turnaround. Before that he led several large-scale performance transformations for clients while at McKinsey and Co. Previously he was in charge of a significant turnaround followed by a full-blown transformation for Hitachi Metals’ US subsidiary.

Sachin holds a Bachelor of Engineering from College of Engineering Pune, India and an MBA from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Ross School of Business).