Patrick Ledoux, Co-Head of CSD, XP Investimentos, ACTIS

Patrick Ledoux says; “A clear understanding of Brazil’s macro and business environment only comes from a long-time presence in the country and from understanding the local cultural dynamics.”

Patrick began his career working for steel manufacturers Armco do Brasil as an analyst, moving from his native Belgium when he was just 23 years old. It is this extensive market knowledge and network gained after more than 25 years in Brazil that Patrick brought with him when he joined Actis in 2007 from Brazilian private equity fund TMG Capital Partners.

A partner at TMG for nearly a decade, Patrick also sat on the board of OdontoPrev, the country’s largest dental care provider and was Vice Chairman of Softway, the contact centre provider as well as Conductor, the credit card processing outsourcers. Prior to TMG, Patrick worked with Chase Manhattan, Banco Frances e Brasileiro (Credit Lyonnais in Brazil) and São Paulo’s BankBoston as M&A Director.

At Actis, he uses his in-depth country knowledge and multi-sector insight to source the proprietary leads that are key to developing unique deal opportunities. Patrick is patient, knowing these leads can take time to mature – but thrives on the completion of a deal, or in Actis Brazil’s case, the three deals the team pulled off in as many months at the end of 2010.

Patrick holds a degree in Economy and Business Administration from the University de Liège (Belgium).