Givers Forum Has Finally Collapsed!

Givers Forum Has Finally Collapsed!

This is a breaking news that will shake the Ponzi Scheme industry. Givers Forum, one of the most popular digital Ponzi Schemes has finally collapsed.

For more than three days, Givers Forum members have not being able to log in to their accounts. The site shows up on Google Search, but members have not been able to login.

Last week, we did report that Fraudsters have take over the system to defraud members by posting fake payment slips and getting validated, thereby making away with people’s money without being credited to their account.

PageOne Startup Desk has received series of complaints from Givers Forum members who are in distress and are not able to either login or withdraw their money.

Since the owners of Givers Forum are not known, they are using proxy individuals to calm down tensed nerves of their members and further perpetrate that all is still well.

One Prezzy wrote on, a Givers Forum apologist site that:

Is Givers giversforums scam?
Am sure you are worried, maybe because you could not login but I want to assure you that they are not scam and they are not running away!

They have a big issue with their login system and I have received calls severally from distressed people who wants to login and do some things.

One said she was scared :oops:

Too bad the admins don’t want to do anything about it. But there’s something you can do about it.

How to login on Givers Forums when the login is not working?

Simply switch your browser.
If you are using Google Chrome, try to use Uc browser to access the site.
If you are using Opera mini, change to chrome or UC Browser and it should be able to work.

If none of them works, simply clear your browser cache and cookies and try to login again!

If none works, just relax, close your browser, off your data and wait for a while.

Try to login later but don’t ever freak out. You’ll still be able to login later.

His comments and suggestions makes Givers Forum more scary and fraudulent as its comes. Unlike MMM Nigeria, another popular Ponzi Scheme, Givers Forum does not have a ‘customer support’ system for its members. None of these members know the owners of the scheme.

Another member wrote to us saying:

I think givers forum is gone for good. Participants should take heart. In Street business you loose and gain. Your lost should not stop you from other good ones in town. But remember to put what will not break your heart should in case something go wrong. Encourage your self in the Lord and move on

Apparently celebrating that he has not invested in the scheme before it collapse, another member said “Hei God of wonders, I can’t stop praising u. I just got registered and I have some few down lines mehn I made a pledge of 740k. Luckily for me I have not been matched b4 dc whole problem. Mehn I can’t access my account since 20th. Dc givers forum is not authentic unlike mmm. I don fly go back to my mmm where I have been blessed right from time. So genuine, oh my God can’t stop thanking uuuuuu. Givers forum is owned by disgruntled Nigerians, greedy once at dt. People go hearammmm. Hmmmm Chineke onye ebere”

Givers Forum will be joining Naija Help Givers as the second major Ponzi Scheme to collapse. The clock is also ticking on MMM Nigeria. The most popular scheme of these kind that proud itself with over 1.6 million members so far.